ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Griffin – RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Griffin - RAW
Jonas seems to smile his way through this video. It turns out Jonas was just super happy to be working with a gay guy, and not just any gay guy, but one who REALLY liked sucking dick. Every time his cock would disappear down Griffin‘s throat another wide smile would appear on his face. No one has ever worked his cock like Griffin.
If you have been following the Jonas summaries, then you know he is fascinated with porn videos of girls giving head. He likes it so much that he himself wants to do a good job when giving head, but after working with Griffin, he realized he was going to have to up his game. Homework!

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Griffin - RAW
Jonas and his girlfriend of 3 years finally broke-up, and it has got him thinking about messing around with dudes. Griffin being his first out gay guy, he seemed to click with him and given that his life around home is all straight people, there was a glimmer of “forget the girl drama, I might want to join the other team.”
So this video is extra fun to watch as Jonas is shocked he is having fun, enjoying kissing Griffin, and fucking him too. When Griffin was ready to nut, he busted quickly followed-up with Jonas breeding his hole.

Nov 21, 2014 By Jo 14 Comments

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