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ChaosMen: Bradley Fucks Alec – Bareback

ChaosMen: Bradley Fucks Alec - Bareback

Both Alec and Bradley are nicely hung and between the two of them, that’s a lot of meat!

Alec is not shy about showing-off his cock, so Bryan set them up to watch each other while they stroke their cocks. Both guys are very turned on. Bradley tells Alec to come suck his cock. Bradley is good with his Bossy vibe.

Alec dives in and manages to get a lot of Bradley’s uncut cock into his mouth. His cock-sucking skills have improved so much over his time at ChaosMen. The dude is always down to play with a cock, either in his mouth or up his ass!

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30 Oct 15 By Jo 8 Comments

ChaosMen: Pax Fucks Alec – Bareback

ChaosMen: Pax Fucks Alec - Bareback

Alec‘s is back after having a baby with his girlfriend. New babies cost a lot of money, so he was back to get a few shoots with ChaosMen to help with the home budget. There is a little Bi in both these guys, so we get a little more intimacy than other videos from them. Alec seems more relaxed about having sex with guys, and he really does like to get fucked. Pax even liked sucking on Alec’s big cock! Progress!

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18 Sep 15 By Jo 2 Comments

ChaosMen: Alec, Augustus and Griffin – RAW

ChaosMen: Alec, Augustus and Griffin - RAW
Bryan started working with Griffin and Augustus about the same time, and he immediately thought they could be kissing cousins and wanted to pair them up. Alec wanted to jump in also, so there you have it, three ‘mostly’ bottom guys in one scene.
All three guys step up to the plate in this one, and all three take each other’s cocks!

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31 Dec 14 By Jo 11 Comments

ChaosMen: Alec and Palmer – Pure RAW

ChaosMen: Alec and Palmer - Pure RAW
Alec seems to really like Palmer‘s body, and he certainly likes to be dominated and fucked! But you can see he is not that experienced with taking the lead, and perhaps is better if someone is bossing him around.
On the other hand, Palmer was loving the body worship, and having a boy work his cock. He really can fuck a dude good!

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14 Nov 14 By Jo 8 Comments

Chaos Men: Alec and Jonas – RAW

Chaos Men: Alec and Jonas - RAW
There is just no guessing what these guys will be down for their first time filming!
Based on Alec‘s solo, Bryan thought for sure he would bottom. Then his Serviced video happened, and he talked more about topping and a little fearful of any ass play. So when he said he was down for more, and he would try bottoming to start, Bryan was actually surprised.
As for Jonas, he is now in the game fully, except bottoming. But rimming, fucking, sucking cock. He now acts like a pro and can take charge with a newbie.
The guys start off simple with the side-by-side jack-off, and Jonas looks eager to suck on Alec‘s fat dick. He gets his cock fully hard, and Alec was impressed.

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07 Mar 14 By Jo 5 Comments