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ChaosMen: Corban Fucks Vander- Bareback

ChaosMan: Corban Fucks Vander- Bareback

Corban is a completely different dude in this video! He was fairly closeted when he did his solo/oral video for ChaosMen, and would not even suck Jonas, despite him playing with guys in his private life. It was just ‘too gay’. He was married at the time, and not Out to any friends. Well that changed, and now he is a way more open. Corban has a new dude in his life and has the family situation in hand. This is an all new Corban!

And boy does he ever let go in this video! What a change! It is raw sex energy unleashed! Seriously, go back and watch his Serviced video with Jonas and compare it to this one. He is downright voracious!

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20 Mar 15 By Jo 8 Comments

ChaosMen: Corban Serviced By Jonas – Check Out That Thick Dick!

ChaosMen: Corban Serviced By Jonas
“Wow, I just wish my cock looked like that!” Jonas said in a very impressed and slightly envious tone. Bryan didn’t count on Corban being so donkey-dicked when pairng him with Jonas.
Jonas LOVES to suck cock. His eagerness is really apparent, but he just doesn’t have the finesse down. Jonas has likely only sucked 6 cocks in his life, and even the best of us would find Corban’s thick rod a challenge. So cut him some slack, cuz he sure gave it the old college dorm try!

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29 May 14 By Jo 16 Comments