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ChaosMen: Palmer, Vander and Zarek – RAW

ChaosMen: Palmer, Vander and Zarek - RAW
ChaosMen Monster Cock Week 2014
A lot of “firsts” in this video.
All the guys are super easy going with their limits. Both Vander and Zarek bottom in this video, leaving Palmer Top Dog. He might not have made too much of a fuss, but after seeing both Vander and Zarek’s cocks, he was just fine topping the entire video. He stays rock hard the entire video, so he performs awesome.
All the guys were down to kiss, suck, rim, share cocks back-and-forth and just really just got piggy with it. Zarek is still very passive, and both Palmer and Vander liked using all his holes.

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31 Oct 14 By Jo 4 Comments

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek – RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW
Zarek has turned into an awesome submissive Bottom Boy! Despite that he is really quite hung and would make a great Top, he tends to like to have the other guy in control. He is no longer just ‘taking’ a cock, but is enjoying having it hit is prostate.
To start this video out, Zarek does a lot of cock worshiping, but Jonas is equally pleased to be sucking Zarek’s fat cock.

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19 Sep 14 By Jo 9 Comments

ChaosMen: Glenn and Zarek – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Zarek - Serviced
Zarek did really good on his Solo, and was totally down for full-interaction with a dude. Topping or bottoming. As it turns out, he did balk once he was put in the situation with another guy. Glenn‘s cock, as usual, springs to life easy. Meanwhile, Zarek has a look of panic when he realizes his cock is letting him down. Glenn just slides it next to him, sucking his cock for a bit, but Zarek still seemed nervous and wobbly.

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15 Jan 14 By Jo 14 Comments