ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek – RAW

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW
Zarek has turned into an awesome submissive Bottom Boy! Despite that he is really quite hung and would make a great Top, he tends to like to have the other guy in control. He is no longer just ‘taking’ a cock, but is enjoying having it hit is prostate.
To start this video out, Zarek does a lot of cock worshiping, but Jonas is equally pleased to be sucking Zarek’s fat cock.

ChaosMen: Jonas Fucks Zarek - RAW
With Jonas sucking on Zarek, you really get to see how big Zarek’s cock is.
Jonas seems to enjoy most having a dude ride his cock. Zarek starts by sitting on it. We get some cool under shot footage as Zarek rides his cock. They eventually get up on the bed proper, and Zarek milks Jonas’s cock with his ass some more.
Zarek’s first video was getting fucked by Jet, and Zarek didn’t think he could cum from getting fucked. But this time out, Jonas was hitting all the right spots, and sure enough, Jonas fucks the cum out of him. A Bottom is born! Then we get to see his cock spasm as it unloads into Zarek’s ass!

Sep 19, 2014 By Jo 9 Comments

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