ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Reese Rideout – Edge

ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Reese Rideout - Edge

Reese Rideout sits in his chair as Amone Bane enters the room carrying restraints. Amone wastes no time securing Reese to his seat. He asks Reese if he’s ever been edged before. Reese replies that he has not, and Amone assures him that he’s “going to have so much fun.”

ChaosMen: Amone Bane and Reese Rideout - Edge

Amone stands and places a blindfold across Reese’s eyes, then quickly gets to work admiring Reese’s toned body, paying special attention to Reese’s nipples. Reese spreads his legs further apart, giving us a better view of his impressive, hard cock inside his white boxers. Amone notices, too, leaning forward and pulling Reese’s dick out through his fly. As Amone goes back to worshiping Reese’s body, we watch as Reese’s cock bounces and throbs with anticipation.

Amone brings Reese close to climax, then quickly releases as Reese shouts “Oh fuck!” Reese’s groaning slows down, so Amone leans forward to taste a sample of the precum that has collected on the tip of Reese’s cock.

Amone peels away Reese’s boxers before swallowing Reese’s cock again. It’s not long before Reese’s moans indicate that he’s getting close again. Amone brings Reese to the edge repeatedly as Reese begs him not to stop. Amone is bound and determined to make Reese build up a fat load.

Finally, Reese can’t hold back any longer. He shoots a thick load all over his stomach as Amone squeezes out every last drop. Amone leans in to suck out anything that’s left, then stands to remove Reese’s blindfold. We watch as Reese adjusts to the brightness in the room, legs spread and cock fully spent.

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