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Chaos Men: Jonas and Theon – RAW

Chaos Men: Jonas and Theon - RAW
Jonas’s first time up to bat with a dude and he does awesome! It helps that Theon is a polished performer and guides him through his first time on the massage table.
Jonas seems to enjoy not only getting his cock sucked, but sucking it as well. For the porn he likes to watch to get in the mood, he sticks to girls sucking dick and getting a facial. It is apparent during the cock sucking that he is truly turned on by watching someone slide their mouth down his cock, and he is equally happy to service someone.
Theon gives his fantastic ass some special attention, and don’t worry, Bryan has already planted the notion that he should try bottoming. Given that Theon could easily take his cock, Jonas doesn’t seem as fearful that it is gonna hurt.

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22 Nov 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Spiro and Theon – RAW

Chaos Men: Spiro and Theon - RAW
This is Spiro’s second time having sex with a dude, and we really think he turned up the energy and pushed his limits.
Of course it doesn’t hurt that Theon is one sexy dude, and even for a straight guy like Spiro, he could clearly see Theon had an amazing body on him. Bryan had asked what else he would be willing to try, and he took a quick glance at Theon and said he thought he would like to try rimming. Well OK! Theon’s ass IS amazing, no matter what team you play for.

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03 Aug 13 By Jo 14 Comments

Chaos Men: Jordan and Theon – RAW

Chaos Men: Jordan and Theon - RAW
Jordan turned out to be an amazing performer in the glory hole. His cock was bone hard and he just seemed to really get into sex. And Theon has turned out to be an amazing bottom. His cock stays rock solid while he is getting boned.
Jordan initially said he wasn’t ready to suck dick, but he decided he wanted to do more work in the future, so he upped his game for this video. He did a fine job his first time out, and we think Theon was relieved to give his jaw a break from sucking Jordan’s big knob.

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28 Jun 13 By Jo 12 Comments

Chaos Men: Solomon and Theon – Pure RAW

Chaos Men: Solomon and Theon - Pure RAW
Chaos Men provides us with a little history about Pure videos.
Over the last year or so, the guys have been watching a straight video with a similar theme. Bryan really liked the idea of the room dropping away so that the focus was only on on them. In the past, they have dabbled here and there with some hardcore fetish themes, so with this Chaos Men is hoping it would be a little bit more romantic or erotic.

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21 Jun 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Chaz and Theon – RAW

Chaos Men: Chaz and Theon - RAW
Theon was ready to try bottoming for an entire video, and Chaz is such an awesome Top Bryan thought it would be a solid pairing. And it certainly is! Both guys are built awesome, and they had a some muscle worship going on that really made the chemistry amp up.
Theon seems to have very few limits, and he sure looks happy sucking dick. He even was down for eating ass, and despite Chaz’s giggle grimace, Theon went to town on his hole like a piggy Top.

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24 May 13 By Jo 14 Comments

Chaos Men: Theon – Serviced (by Kristopher)

Chaos Men: Theon - Serviced
Bryan knows this video is about Theon getting Serviced, but Kristopher really steals the show. The boy really knows what he is doing! He may not have all the skills to pull the cum out of a dude’s cock, but he has dirty talking and sexual energy that just makes the guys get hard and totally into the blow job.
Theon has messed around with guys on a few drunken occasions, so he wasn’t going to be too nervous about getting his dick sucked. Still, he was just wanting to see how well he could do without alcohol involved.

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20 Mar 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Theon

Chaos Men: Theon
Go Greek!
Theon is a hot Greek guy with a tight little bod and a huge cock on him. He is a smart and friendly guy, who has just the right amount of confidence and amiability that allows him to be immediately likable.
He is into sporty girls, and loves to fuck them in the ass and make them eat his load. Theon has had a few drunken “goofing around” moments with dudes, so he is not too worried about messing with another guy, though he is uncertain how he will be while sober.

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11 Mar 13 By Jo 30 Comments