ChaosMen: Byron and Glenn – RAW

ChaosMen: Byron and Glenn - RAW
Byron said he was down to try doing a full scene. His wife is fine with him making some extra money, and with her VERY pregnant right now, he is also extra horny.
Many of have been waiting for Glenn to get back into full-action while he went to cock-sucking school, so it is good to see him with his ankles in the air, and his big cock jammed into a dude’s hairy hole.
Byron does a really good job of getting Glenn hard and standing at full-attention. He of course wanted to start by topping, but did confess his girl uses a good size toy on him, and it makes him hard and makes him cum super fast, and that bottoming likely wouldn’t be a problem.
Bryon is clearly a bottom!

ChaosMen: Byron and Glenn - RAW
Both guys have completely natural pubes and when you see Byron on his back getting fucked by Glenn, bush lovers will rejoice. There is just something about seeing those two hairy crotches so close together.
Byron attempts to do a hands-free cumshot. Glenn keeps pounding out the squirts while Byron tries desperately to let his prostate help push out his load. Glenn’s snake dumps…well…ropes of cum inside of Byron! His cock truly is a fire hose blasting out liquid!

Jun 25, 2014 By Jo 18 Comments

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