Queerying: Porn Star Turned Rapper Stose (aka Chris Porter)


This last week at the Stargayzer Music Festival in Austin, we ran into Stose the political rapper who used to be the adorable tattooed bottom known as Chris Porter.

We recognized Stose from the photos taken during his recent arrest at a pro-Palestine protest in New York City. Okay, that’s a lie. We actually recognized him from these pictures of him getting fucked by Tommy Defendi and Colby Keller, and these pics of him getting fucked by Kennedy Carter, and Patrick Kennedy, and Connor Habib, and a few hot-assed guys from Randy Blue… but we digress.

Stose (and his hype man) Young Benzo graciously sat down with us to talk about performing at being known as a gay hip-hop performer, his political activism and some bands he caught at the festival. Plus, off-camera he told us a little insider news about his porn past as well as his porn star husband Samuel Colt (pictured with Stose above).

Watch our interview, check out his off-camera comments and see some of his musical and porn performances after the jump!


Because we loved his performances as Chris Porter, we were happy to run into the same man now known as Stose. And although rain prevented some bands from playing the first day of the three-day festival, Stose and Young Benzo got a chance to play two sets at Stargayzer alongside other musicians like Yo Majesty and BLXPLTN.

When we chatted, Stose said that he thinks music fans no longer want songs about being rich and privileged, but rather songs that talk about real-life and struggles. He also said that musicians should use their popularity to raise awareness about political issues, like he does in his music. Most recently, he’s been particularly focused on the civil rights battle happening in Palestine and the police abuses that have occurred in Ferguson, Missouri.

Off-camera, we asked Stose if he minded discussing his porn past. He said he didn’t, but did express surprise at how often it came up considering that he only performed as Chris Porter for about a year-and-a-half. When asked about people who harass him about his porn past, Stose told Nark Magazine:

“It just shows how sexually deprived people are in this world. When that is all they can focus on, something I did for one year of my life just so I could get out of Virginia. I am not ashamed of my past, because mistake or not it’s helped mold me into the person I am today.”

He also spoke about people who criticize his hip-hop persona as being “too straight”:

“I have gotten a lot of flak because my video is ‘too straight’ and I am ‘pretending to be something I am not’. Of course, everyone that knows me personally knows that is exactly who I am. Also if people took the time to listen to my lyrics, I talk about my sexuality all the time. People are so narrow minded nowadays. Yeah I am gay, but that doesn’t mean I am going to write a song about ice cream and have a bunch of half naked guys in my video. That’s not me.”

Later on when we asked Stose where his husband (Samuel Colt) was, Stose mentioned that Colt was actually working on something in Florida! Can we look forward to seeing Stose’s muscley leather stud of a husband riding tall in the saddle again soon? Stay tuned…

We weren’t able to get footage of his live performance at Stargayzer unfortunately, but you can still check him performing in the two videos below for his songs “Ride or Die” and “Misfits.” And if you dig those, you can also check out his song unapologetically titled “Fuck Perez Hilton.” Oh yes, Stose still has that swagger.

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