ChaosMen: Jack Hunter and Pierce Paris – Serviced

ChaosMen: Jack Hunter and Pierce Paris - Serviced

Pierce Paris and Jack Hunter are relaxing by the showers after a hard workout at the gym. Both are watching their phones and enjoying some porn, but can’t help taking a peek at their buddy’s phones and bulges. Pierce knows exactly what Jack wants – a taste of his fat cock!

Pierce pulls his dick out of his underwear and you can tell by the quick, surprised look on Jack’s face that he knows what he’s about to be in for.

ChaosMen: Jack Hunter and Pierce Paris - Serviced

Jack kneels in front of Pierce and starts going to town on Pierce’s huge dick. At first, Jack can only get about halfway down, but as he lubes up Pierce’s cock and loosens up his throat, Jack starts making his way further and further down until he’s taking it all, much to Pierce’s surprise.

It doesn’t hurt that Pierce is happy to help Jack work his way down – Pierce stands up, puts a knee on the edge of the tub, grabs the back of Jack’s head, and skull-fucks him. Pierce likes it messy – Jack slobbers and nearly gags on Pierce’s dick.

Jack takes a moment to suck and tug on Pierce’s full balls, then goes back to throating his dick. When Pierce decides he’s ready to nut, he pulls out and jerks his cock until he blasts a load all over Jack’s face, chin, and the floor. Pierce rewards Jack by using a finger to scoop up some more of his cum and feed it to Jack, who’s eager to swallow it.

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