Adult Toys For Us and The Real Benefits of Male Chastity

If male chastity is something you’ve been curious about, and you’ve been wondering how to give it a go, then this article may prove itself useful for you. There’s certainly nothing ‘wrong’ with exploring your consensual kinky interests, and you don’t need to worry that you’re the only person to ever have these thoughts and feelings.

So just what the Heck is the Purpose of Male Chastity?

The purpose of male chastity nowadays is most commonly used in BDSM play. In such a scenario the submissive is locked into a male chastity device by the dominant (referred to as a key holder). The key holder has all the keys to the securely fastened chastity device and is the only person who decides when (or “if”) the chastity device can come off. The length of time is determined by the key holder and can vary from a few hours to a 24/7 continual chastity lifestyle. Subs and doms alike enjoy male chastity for the surrender/control it offers. The submissive is surrendering their most important organ and one that can offer the greatest amount of pleasure. While the dominant has full control over said organ during the time spent in the chastity device. During the time the sub is in a chastity device, he is unable to obtain a full erection and he also will be unable to orgasm until the chastity device comes off. This experience sounds unpleasant, however, it can be extremely pleasurable for both parties involved. When the submissive attempts to become erect while wearing the chastity cage, he will only swell up inside, which feels like a firm grip. This builds arousal, which can continue to build over time. Once he is freed from male chastity to have their long awaited orgasm, it will be more intense than any other orgasm he has ever experienced in his life. The longer the sub is in his male chastity device the more intense the final orgasm will be.

Why Choose Male Chastity?

There are many reasons to choose male chastity, some couples choose chastity to bring each other closer and introduce more intimacy into the bedroom. Then there are also couples looking for something new, or something to reignite the spark. Most commonly, it is between couples trying to help their partner fulfil a lifelong fantasy of theirs. It is also used by strict BDSM couples for control and to further their kinky experience. Individuals and couples experimenting with the chastity lifestyle all come from different backgrounds, and all have different reasons for trying it. With all this diversity, there is one common fact shared among nearly all of them – once they’ve tried it, they’re usually hooked! And the more educated you are about chastity, the more fun you can obtain from it. The psychological impact of chastity itself, once the male is locked in chastity, in a very short period of time he will feel an immense urge to please his key holder. He will obtain genuine pleasure out of helping his key holder, and selflessly making him happy. The key holder also receives a more upbeat and pleasant partner whom is willing to go out of their way to help them and ensure they are happy.

Power and Control

Male chastity also serves the desires of the dominant too as the key holder has power and control. The power rush the key holder obtains from being the only person allowed by his sub partner that can unlock and grant him an orgasm is unlike anything else. Power and control in this context is, of course consensual, with the sub wanting to please his dominant partner. This can be anything from doing a few more chores around the house to perhaps a massage on request, all in an effort to have his cage released. And it’s not just the cage that will be released, there are also as many exclusive orgasms as both parties can handle to consider! So how can a simple male chastity device how such a profound effect on a man? Subconsciously wanting to please their partner and to earn an orgasm with the goal being to earn that reward. Once that male chastity device locks shut, the dom is in full control and determines the amount of pleasure his sub partner will now receive.

Orgasms for the Key Holder

One of the most cherished benefits of male chastity shared by the submissive and key holder alike is making sure their key holder feels good and giving him countless orgasms. Ensuring he is completely satisfied at all times the submissive especially enjoys giving an orgasm without getting one in return. The key holder of course will enjoy the mind boggling inter-dimensional orgasms they receive – truly unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced before!

Not forgetting the submissive here, probably the greatest perk of chastity to look forward to is that release and orgasm. All the time pent up in denial in their male cock cage causes the skin to become hyper sensitive and this hyper sensitivity feels better than anything they’ve ever experienced before. When they finally experience an orgasm, it will be single-handedly the best orgasm they’ve had in their life. And so the longer they’re in chastity, the more intense each time becomes!

Benefits of Male Chastity

There are countless benefits of male chastity to delve into. Some of the most notable benefits include greater intimacy between couples, higher sex drive and libido, an overall happier life, and for dominant/submissive couples – the perfect tool to surrender/take control.

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