Adult Toys For Us – Lets Talk About Male Masturbation Devices

When it comes to jacking off, wanking, jerking, masturbation or whatever we want to call it we all have the same thing in common. We’re feeling horny and we want to get off!

Now there is nothing wrong with rubbing a quick one out in the stall at work or a public rest room when we have that urge (and its safe to do so). But don’t forget about those times when you’re at home, alone or with your partner when you have some extra special time to pleasure yourselves.

So let’s talk about Male Masturbation Devices, the benefits and the different types available.

You’ll be pleased to know there are now so many different types available such as The Tenga, The Spinner, Sleeves, all sorts of Lubes and they’re not just for your cock. There are Ass masturbators, Vibrating masturbators, anal, mouth; it seems that no matter what you are looking for, there is a special toy just for you!

We’ve been looking through the catalog and range at Adult Toys For Us and its amazing to see new toys on the market like The 8X Vibrating Silicone Penis Head Stimulator. It’s a hands-free toy, giving you the option to use your hands elsewhere, on yourself or on your lover. If you prefer the hands on approach, The Tenga toy is almost sculptural and looks like something from outer space – it would even blend in with the modern home!

Having one of these new toys and knowing you’re only a click away from increasing your own (and your partners) self-pleasure is a game-changer! Sure we all know we can pleasure ourselves with a good solid jerk off with our hands and lube, but just think of this as taking masturbation to the next level. You’ll be amazed how exciting it can be to use your special toy on yourself or see that look of surprise with your partner. In a nutshell here is the opportunity to really spice things up in the bedroom.

I have a Boyfriend – Do I really need a masturbation toy?

First of all, having a boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to exclude yourself from self pleasure. We all know the healthy benefits of masturbation and ejaculation but even in a relationship your partner may not be there, or too busy with work or just not in the mood. A sex toy could be just the thing to help you out in those moments but they can also even get your boyfriend back into the bedroom too. Sex toys are no longer taboo and not just for solitary use, owning one (or more) just shows how open minded you are and that you’re willing to experiment and try new things. And let’s not forget that sex toys and male masturbation device are always ready to play with your dick no matter what. Furthermore, having that toy in the bedroom doesn’t just have to be for yourself – it’s a great way to have some new and extra foreplay with your partner and an excellent way to keep things exciting.

Are there any negatives that you’d want share about sex toys?

We’ve had to have a long hard think about this one and the best we could come up with is that perhaps sex toys and male masturbation devices could become too addictive? It’s a stretch that someone would completely replace their wanking off by only using sex toys, but it’s also true that having a broad spectrum of being able to masturbate and cum is far more beneficial in the long run. No one wants to have a “boring” jack off session do they? So it’s difficult to really find any negatives about owning sex toys. We would say its far more beneficial having a variety of sex toys and having those additional skills to use in your sex life.

Which sex toys would you recommend?

This is the beauty of sex, masturbation and love making – we all do it differently and with our own unique style. There is no right and wrong – just as long both you and your partner are mutually and consensually engaged in sex and pleasuring each other that’s all there is to know. And that is why there are such a wide variety of sex toys, whether it’s a penis or anal masturbator the choice is up to the individual. But we do know that there are some very popular and exciting brands out there such as The Tenga, The Spinner and Sleeves such as Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Masturbator and 10X Pleasure Stroke Vibrating Silicone Penis Sleeve just to name a few!

Take a look and browse around over at Adult Toys For Us, they have a wide and diverse range in the catalog there with plenty of sex toys and male masturbation devices for you to choose from! We are sure you’ll find the right one there that’s just for you!

Feb 27, 2022 By Dave 1 Comment