CockyBoys: Daniel Evans and Oliver Marks

CockyBoys: Daniel Evans and Oliver Marks

Daniel Evans is back to give Oliver Marks his fantasy come true CockyBoys debut! Oliver brings his bottom energy for Daniel with whom he’s lusted after for a while AND he’s beaming because Daniel has a beard giving “breed me daddy” energy—and Daniel is happy to use it.

He manifests it first in making out with Oliver, sucking his cock and eating out his ass with increasing pulse-pounding passion.

CockyBoys: Daniel Evans and Oliver Marks

Finally, Daniel gives Oliver his cock as he’s always wanted and plows him from behind. Still, Oliver takes the opportunity to use his bottom energy to worship Daniel’s body, suck him with the same devotion and ride him.

Oliver leans back against Daniel who takes over again to upwards fuck him and pound him sideways. They’re drawn closer, their gazes locked and their sexual rhythms nearly in sync.

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Nov 12, 2022 By Dave 3 Comments

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