CockyBoys: Daniel Evans and Sean Xavier – Happy Endings Part 2

Happy Endings Part 2 on CockyBoys introduces Sean Xavier Daniel Evans as the hot and kinky exhibitionists living near Cody Seiya and Tristan Hunter’s newly inherited old house!

You’ll see Sean and Daniel both boldly show themselves in a different light in an intense top/bottom dom/sub dynamic only on CockyBoys!

After receiving a welcoming gift basket from their new neighbors, Cody goes exploring, finds peculiar totems on the grounds and happens upon the open garage where serious dom Sean Xavier is “training” masked pup Daniel Evans.

Slightly nervous Cody excuses himself and on the way back home has an unsettling encounter with stranger Lane Colten. Meanwhile dom Sean gets back to sub Daniel.

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Dec 03, 2022 By Dave 2 Comments

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