Gayhoopla: Eddie Cane

Gayhoopla: Eddie Cane

Eddie Cane is an experienced man, but on Gayhoopla, he’s venturing into the unknown!

Eddie heard that a few of the other guys in the house had made the decision to go big with their solos by ass playing and cum tasting. Eddie, never one to back down, went for it as well!

Gayhoopla: Eddie Cane

He begins by stroking his large, extra-long cock on the bed, and then he simply sends it! Eddie was unprepared for the sensation and nearly backed out… But he’s not one to give up!

The entire time Eddie moves around the room, stroking and humping everywhere, his dick remains incredibly rock-hard. Eddie gets a taste of what he’s been giving after a big cumshot onto his massive thighs.

Eddie’s video and more can be found on Gayhoopla.

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