The Male Muse: Spencer

The Male Muse: Spencer

Spencer and Mark from The Male Muse had met online in a modelling/artist forum in early 2022. Spencer was already a big fan of Marks work and Mark also really loved Spencers look… amazing tatts and gorgeous uncut cock. And they both had so much time to chat they really opened up to each other about various themes they would like to create on camera.

The Male Muse: Spencer

Over the course of 18 months they really got to know each other well and the subject of kinks came up time and again, with both Mark and Spencer discovering they were really into bondage and role-play. For this photo shoot they started exploring the Dom/sub space and used some essentials, ropes, blindfolds, ball gag and clothes pins.

The shoot was divided up into two parts with Submission being the first… a collection of bondage related images. The intention with these wasn’t to showcase beautiful rope work, but rather set an erotic mood with dramatic colored lighting.

The second segment will be called ‘Release’ a solo video of him bathed in the same ever changing colored light bath… stay tuned as that will be coming out next month!

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