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Crotch Magazine: New Special Issue!

The idea for Crotch was born in L.A., when a photographer friend came to stay and we decided to shoot some handsome sexy men for fun. We shot so much in a week that everything started to fall into place; I decided to publish our first issue. Ten issues on, and we are going strong.

I have been working with photographer Ramon Christian on Crotch for several years. His photography is always excitedly received at our London office, and we love what he does for us. But it wasn’t until late last year we finally met face-to-face for breakfast whilst I was there working on a show at the Hollywood Bowl. We decided we wanted to do something special, and I vowed to return soon to work on a project.
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Crotch Magazine

Crotch Magazine

Hot off the press! Crotch Magazine has just released their 9th issue and is now available to order direct to your door from their web-store.

For over five years, Crotch has revelled in the world of men, men’s bodies, and style.

Shot by some of the world’s best fashion and style photographers in global locations, both the fantastical and mundane feature in the magazine.
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