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Guys in Sweatpants: MJ and Florien

Guys in Sweatpants met MJ at a local gym, and their conversation took a surprising turn. What started out as a casual chat about doing a photoshoot turned into one about his kinks and fantasy of being filmed anonymously.

Fast forward two days, and he’s blindfolded in the bed with a used soccer cleat and jockstrap shoved in his face while getting bred by Florien and his meaty, uncut cock.

MJ may be a masculine bearded college guy, but he loves being dominated and fucked until his top can’t go anymore. Florian had his way with him and roughed him up a bit before coating his ass with a nice load. MJ left with his sweaty blindfold and a smile on his face from this good fucking.
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Guys in Sweatpants: Jacob Acosta and Florien

Guys  in Sweatpants:  Jacob Acosta and Florien

New on Guys in Sweatpants: It takes some talent to be able to take Jacob Acosta‘s huge cock. Not only was Florien was up for the challenge, but it sent him into a different world a few times.

Florien loves to please so once he whipped out Jacob’s monster, he laid him back, and worshipped that thing with passion. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once he got Florien’s ass nice and warmed up, he fucked him all over the bed and in the shower until he covered him in his nut!
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Guys in Sweatpants: Fabian Divani and Florien – HAPPY HOLIDAY SAVINGS!

Guys in Sweatpants: Fabian Divani and Florien - HAPPY HOLIDAY SAVINGS!

Fabian Divani and his beautiful ass are back! This time he gets to play with one of Guys In Sweatpants’ new boys, Florien. After a sweaty pushup contest, the boys rushed inside and ripped off what clothes they still had on.

Florien has one of the prettiest, uncut cocks we’ve seen in awhile, and Fabian was in heaven worshipping it. Every once in awhile, there’s a beautiful, smooth ass and a just as beautiful, uncut cock that are meant to touch each other– and this is one of those time.
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