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Chaos Men: Apollo – Serviced

Chaos Men: Apollo - Serviced
Finishing up Monster Cock Week with a rather thick piece of meat!
Apollo initially was very concerned about getting head from a guy. He debated doing the oral video, and only wanted to fly to Austin to do the solo. So they talked a bit, texted, emailed, and he finally came around to receiving head.
His solo, as you know from yesterday, went very well, and it gave him a lot of confidence to work with a dude. Bryan had set the shoot up to be the standard “lay on your back and watch your porn” instead of a side-by-side, but when Apollo saw how he had the room configured, he thought it would be strange and he said he would likely be fine if Glenn took his cock out too. Just no sucking back! Props to him for pushing his limits given how sketched out he was in the first place.

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03 Nov 13 By Jo 4 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Wren – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Wren - Serviced
Wren looks pretty nervous at the beginning of this video. He strikes as a “mostly” straight guy, who every now and then finds a guy hot and has the urge to be with them. He seems nervous in a shaky super turned-on way and thought Glenn was hot.
Glenn is so smooth in these videos too. He just slides up beside him and helps his new buddy out by getting him hard. That did the trick, and Wren switched from being nervous to downright HUNGRY for Glenn. The guy really likes sucking dick, and we get a hint of his passive bottom-boy behavior.

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24 Oct 13 By Jo 12 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Kellan – RAW

Chaos Men: Glenn and Kellan - RAW
Bryan was really surprised when Kellan was driving back to the airport for his return trip home but all ready to sign up for more work. He too kind of had a meltdown during his Serviced video. He clearly was having a tough time wrapping his brain around having a dude play with him.
He left Glenn getting Kellan hard from the blow job in “real time”. He woke his cock up and had him hard in a decent amount of time. Kellan was unlikely to suck back, but he at least gave his scene partner a reach around. His dick droops of course, but his head didn’t explode nor his brain shut down.
This time he didn’t giggle getting his ass rimmed either. Given the amount of shaving and maintenance he does to his hole, one would think he likes a lot of attention there, but perhaps he is just all about being hair-free all over. Certainly it has been a challenge to get him to not shave-off his blonde pubes.

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18 Oct 13 By Jo 9 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Mark – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Mark - Serviced
Since Mark does massage, Chaos Men figured the massage table setting would make him feel right at home. They gave him a little direction, but he pretty much went with his own technique. He climbs right on top of Glenn and digs right in.
Mark seems pretty certain he is straight, but with a bit of a bend. He took one look at Glenn’s ass and said something complimentary like, “Oh Wow!” Glenn wasn’t too sure if it was a compliment, but Mark assured him he was pleased to be working on a nice firm ass. We believe Mark mentioned in his solo that his favorite thing to do is fuck a girl in the ass, and apparently he can appreciate a nice male ass too.

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18 Sep 13 By Jo 12 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Solomon – RAW

Chaos Men: Glenn and Solomon - RAW
Glenn did such an amazing job with Vander when they worked the massage table together. Chaos Men wanted to see what he was like “giving” the massage. The energy between the two guys today is vastly different. Solomon, with his Bad Boy attitude, and Glenn, with his wholesome but naughty vibe, turned out to be an amazing mix!
Chaos Men tossed in some slight bondage, as Solomon loves to be tied up and to give up all his control. The dude clearly likes to be used and abused. So this video has the softer sensual side of a massage, with a touch of control loss and domination.

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09 Aug 13 By Jo 10 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries, Bay, Glenn and Vander – Pure RAW

Chaos Men: Aries, Bay, Glenn and Vander - Pure RAW
This is Bay’s first full-sex film. He was very eager to dive right in and start with a group scene. He loves group sex, and if you have been watching his videos, clearly the boy has some awesome dirty boy energy going on.
Chaos Men had paired him up with Vander, because he seemed pretty eager to also try on an extra large cock. But after a little finagling, they got Aries and Glenn on board to fuck the heck out of Vander and Bay. A four-way!

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26 Jul 13 By Jo 9 Comments

Chaos Men: Aiden and Glenn – Serviced

Chaos Men: Aiden and Glenn - Serviced
Aiden had done a peep and solo and was ready to try swapping head with another guy. He watched the video of Glenn and Vander fucking while doing his peep video so he was keen on working with Glenn.
Glenn used to guys who aren’t willing to make the first move. It’s not until Aiden starts sucking on Glenn that you see that Aiden isn’t new to sucking cock or getting into it. There is even a bit of a bossy vibe to him.

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24 Jul 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Lane – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Lane - Serviced
Lane is pushing his narrow limits and tries his best to “deal” with another dude, but Glenn keeps stealing the show. He is just flying through these shoots like an eager beaver.
Glenn excels at the side-by-side jerk-off. We think he likes showing-off his cock to other guys, and it always gets big fast. If his partner’s cock isn’t standing up quick enough for him, he jumps in there to lend a helping hand… or mouth!

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12 Jun 13 By Jo 14 Comments

Chaos Men: Aries and Glenn – RAW

Chaos Men: Aries and Glenn - RAW
Aries had actually tried bottoming once before with a dude that he had messed around with. He said it hurt a lot and it didn’t help that the guy had a huge cock. He pretty much swore off bottoming at that time. We suspect after seeing guys not only stay hard from being fucked, but also cumming, he was willing to give it a try.
And sure enough, he had an epiphany that he could stay and actually enjoy being fucked. Bryan loved panning the camera up and seeing that his dick was hard while Glenn ground his cock into his semi-virgin hole.

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10 May 13 By Jo 6 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Vander – RAW

Chaos Men: Glenn and Vander - RAW
Glenn and Vander had real chemistry and a genuine hunger for each other. Vander starts by massaging Glenn’s feet, giving foot lovers a lovely show of his feet. He moves around to his shoulders, brushing his hard cock close to Glenn’s face, like any frisky massage therapist would. Glenn tentatively reaches out to rub Vander’s cock through his underwear. Vander pulls down his shorts, releasing his growing cock. Glenn starts sucking on it immediately.
Glenn sure seems to enjoy blowing Vander! They go at it for quite some time, before Vander starts to focus on Glenn’s ass. He rims him until his cock is hard, then flips him on over to start servicing his dick. He eventually climbs on top, sucking Glenn’s hard cock with gusto. Vander basically ends up sitting on Glenn’s face.
Vander spins around and sits on Glenn’s cock. Despite his quads screaming he rides his cock with his own hard cock throbbing in his hand. Up and down he bounces on Glenn’s cock, trying to milk the cum out of him.

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26 Apr 13 By Jo 8 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Rodrigo – Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn and Rodrigo - Serviced
This is Glenn’s first time doing a Serviced video and we think he got a little lucky doing it with a guy who was eager to suck his dick back. Rodrigo did say that most of his experience with guys has been limited to oral, and it looks like he has refined his skills. He can really suck dick!
What we noticed most about this video, other than that the two are cock hungry, was Glenn took charge of the video, often giving verbal queues to Rodrigo, or simply moving Rodrigo’s hand or arm from blocking the camera.

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25 Apr 13 By Jo 8 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Trevor – Edge

Chaos Men: Glenn and Trevor - Edge
Glenn finally requested some time in the Edge chair, and this time round he was well-beyond being a nervous-first-timer.
So with Glenn eager to do the video, Bryan figured if he put him with Trevor, we could get a very ‘interactive’ Edge video for a change. Glenn was totally Trevor’s type of guy, so if things got a little out of hand, he would be down for anything.

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22 Mar 13 By Jo 17 Comments

Chaos Men: Glenn and Troy – RAW

Chaos Men: Glenn and Troy - RAW
Troy did a fine job during his last video of topping, but he truly was looking forward to getting fucked. He is playing on the gay team now, fully embracing his bottom-boy status. Not only that, he was super excited to work with Glenn. Definitely his type of guy.
So Troy was feeling like it was his Lucky Day, and when he walked in and saw Glenn he was even more excited. Glenn had been beefing up, so he had put on a lot of mass, and then spent a month getting cut up. Troy is a total gym guy, and loves the field of body building. One look at Glenn and his mouth was open along with being ready to get his ass plowed by him.

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19 Dec 12 By Jo 11 Comments