Queer Clicks: February 21, 2017 | Call Me A Ghost (Gay Adult Short Film Review) – Can porn explore sadness?, Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Beats Up Online Anti-Gay Troll In Barber Shop, & Other News

Noel Alejandro

Call Me A Ghost (Gay Adult Short Film Review) – Can porn explore sadness?

CALL ME A GHOST by Noel Alejandro – trailer soft from Noel Alejandro on Vimeo.

“A few months ago we reviewed explicit filmmaker Noel Alejandro’s short film Thank You, which impressed us by creating porn that felt more grounded and real than most. Now he’s back with Call Me A Ghost, which brings a touch of the supernatural to hardcore gay movies.” Big Gay Picture Show

Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Beats Up Online Anti-Gay Troll In Barber Shop

“Openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack attacked a man he says has been harassing him online for being gay (and presumably for his work in gay porn). Mack beat up the man in a Philadelphia barber shop. ” Instinct Magazine

An Amazing Trove Of WWII Gay Love Letters Was Just Discovered

” A recently discovered collection of war-time letters has uncovered a gay romance that was kept secret for decades. The letters were found by memorabilia collector Mark Hignett while he was scouring the web for pieces of military mail. The notes tell the story of a young soldier named Gilbert Bradley and his sweetheart, referred to simply as “G.” ” New Now Next

10 Reasons Why Gay Dating Is Really Hard

“Being gay adds another level of complexity to the dating process, and because we’re all men, we make this process of looking for a mate all the more difficult. Our walls are high, our hearts are guarded, and we’re still all figuring out exactly what we’re looking for because for many of us, we didn’t see what we’re trying to create growing up.” Huffington Post

These Vintage Drag And Gay Nightclub Matchbook Covers Are, Well, FIRE

“The website Dangerous Minds is consistently a treasure trove of obscure and fascinating artifacts; a trend that continues with their recent collection of vintage matchbooks highlighting gay bars, drag queens, and cabaret stars from days of yore.” Queerty

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Lucas Entertainment: Sergeant Miles and Rico Marlon Double Penetrate Ken Summers – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Sergeant Miles and Rico Marlon Double Penetrate Ken Summers - Bareback

Sergeant Miles doesn’t know what’s going on with his relationship (or lack thereof) with Brian Bonds, the star of “Breeding Prince Charming.” He sees the other contestants around him getting a shot to raw-dog the slutty prince, but Sergeant is sitting on the sidelines and his balls are getting fuller and fuller with each passing day. At this point, he doesn’t care if he gets any time with Brian or not – he just wants to nut. He stops by the pool to let off some steam, and there he finds the Latino hunks Rico Marlon and Ken Summers. This gives Sergeant Miles the perfect opportunity to whip out his dick and have some fun with two of his sexy-as-hell cast mates.

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SpunkWorthy: Bryson

SpunkWorthy: Bryson

You might think of this as a flashback shoot since Bryson has already shown up on SpunkWorthy. This one is actually the first time he showed up and how it all started.

Bryson, you might remember, heard about doing porn from his buddy, Anthony. He’d always thought about getting nekkid on camera, but never really knew how to make his break. As they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters! Anthony showed him the way in.

Bryson is straight, married (to a girl), a former football player, and found himself out in San Diego from the midwest courtesy of the military. In an interesting twist, he actually brought his wife along for the shoot. She sat in the background, mostly just absorbing the whole thing. At first, at least.

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Bentley Race: James Nowak Working Out And Stripping Naked On The Roof

Bentley Race: James Nowak Working Out And Stripping Naked On The Roof

Hot muscley Aussie James Nowak had taken a bit of time out to take care of an injury. He told Ben that he’s not in great condition now, but he looks great! James is still a very big boy. In this shoot he is doing a small workout with some light weights while Ben takes photos around him. Wearing just a pair of white undies, t-shirt and socks, James looks great as he flexes.

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Broke Straight Boys: Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Adams is a pretty quiet guy so Jacob Durham hasn’t gotten the chance to know him too well…yet! Once these guys start their scene though, they’ll get a whole lot closer than they’ve ever been! They start with some kisses and then Jacob goes down on Rowan, deepthroating that hard dick and Rowan pushes is farther into his mouth and then bends Jacob over and rims that tight hole.

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Men.com: Diego Sans and Jackson Grant

After learning about himself in chapters one and two, Diego Sans lures Jackson Grant to his taut and toned body by following the voice coming from chapter three of The Book.

See more at Men.com.

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Stroking His Cock While Driving In The Rain!

Stroking His Cock While Driving In The Rain!

Safety first you guys!

The soothing sound of the rain must have inspired him. His friend in the passenger seat had the genius idea of starting filming and we’re so thankful for it. With the wet roads the traffic was slow but sure as hell inside the car things were speeding up!

Another great find from the Premium section of Sticky. This FREE share is just a sample of the many things you can discover when you go Premium. Get your membership today!

Watch the complete video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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ChaosMen: Jerome

ChaosMen: Jerome

Jerome is just so dang adorable, polite, professional, and HORNY!

He had no worries about the solo, but the oral video the following day had him very concerned. Bryan kept reassuring him that rarely does he see anyone get that hard, that easy, and he should just stop worrying.

For this solo, he seemed soft-spoken, but admits he likes to be the center of attention. He has no experience with guys, and has only had sex with one girl, but has gotten a lot of head and other oral experience in.

He comes from a large family, so the shower is the only place he can jerk-off, and when it came to putting some straight porn on for him, he was not a picky eater. He apparently doesn’t even get a lot of chances to watch porn at home. This is great since so many guys consume so much free porn these days, they get bored easily and want to just hunt and seek over and over again.

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Sean Cody: Vance

Sean Cody: Vance

Vance has that that sweet, boy next door kind of vibe, but he definitely has something up his sleeve.

“It’s a different time in my life.”

Well, he came to the right place! We asked if there was anything he wanted to show us.

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CollegeDudes: Timothy Rivers Fucks Bruno Cox

CollegeDudes: Timothy Rivers Fucks Bruno Cox

There’s a lot of ass grabbing and cock rubbing before Timothy Rivers and Bruno Cox go from making out to sucking dick as Bruno gets on his knees and works Timothy’s prick with his mouth. After giving Timothy head for a while Bruno gets some oral of his own as Timothy goes down on him, sucking that dick and rimming Bruno’s tight ass before bending him over the bed and pushing his cock inside him.

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