William Higgins: Leo Roun

William Higgins: Leo Roun

Leo Roun is one very sexy guy. He came in for a massage and quickly strips to his underwear. Then he lays on the table and is joined by the masseur who takes some oil and begins to massage the back. Mattias Solich is the masseur and his strong hands work all over Leo’s back and shoulders. They work down Leo’s arms as well coating him with oil. Leo is so relaxed as he enjoys Mattias’ work. Then hands slide Leo’s underwear down a little, revealing a hairy ass.

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Eric Deman Update


Do you go cruising? EricDeman does! And they have found a horny (albeit a bit filthy) builder who got lost in the woods but he certainly knows where his penis is! Check his big fat cock as he presents it proudly before starting jerking off in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure!

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QC Open Forum: Porn Star Jake Bass Got “Naked” For Wilder Green’s Latest Music Video – What Do You Think Of The Song And The Artsy Video?

QC Open Forum: Porn Star Jake Bass Got “Naked” For Wilder Green's Latest Music Video - What Do You Think Of The Song And The Artsy Video?

We love when familiar faces pop up in unusual places! Perhaps halfway between the steps of Colby Keller and other porn stars who have appeared in music videos fan-favorite Porn Star Jake Bass surprised us with an enigmatic appearance in the debut video of 27-year-old Virginia native pop singer Wilder Green. The song, simply called “Naked”, (produced by Benny Blanco whose credits count Britney Spears’ “Circus,” Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and Kesha’s “Tik Tok,” among others) is an eerie exploration of a couple following each other in two different places, the city and the woods and as you expected shows the two leads sans clothes. The music video was directed by Trevor Cox and co-written by songstress Ryn Weaver and at times it feels like an ambitious art project but very well executed we must add. QC readers, what do you think of Wilder Green’s song and the intervention of Jake Bass in its companion video? Make the jump to check it and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

[UPDATE 2016-02-03] The singer released an alternate version of the video on Vimeo with a few extra seconds and more Jake Bass’ booty. But apparently they took it down pretty quickly, luckily we have it and you can watch it after the jump! :)

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PeterFever: Getting Personal with Peter Le


Peter was alone in his hotel room but earlier that day he met Angelo. His eyes trailed down Peter’s body when Peter was in the shower, the water cascaded towards Peter’s cock. On his bed, Peter modeled every inch of rippling muscle for Angelo, giving him a close up view of his ass so Angelo could examine his hole. Thinking of him in the room watching him, Peter was ready to burst…

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Falcon Studios: Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal


After a quick cool-off in the pool, Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal are too ‘Heated’ to make it to the bedroom, so they ditch their clothes in the hall and make out on the spot. Wandering hands find lengthy cocks and nipples to tease. Bruno dedicates his lips and tongue to Chris’ cock and nuts, eliciting groans, but he saves one hand to attend his own ferociously throbbing rod. Chris pulls Bruno to his feet and becomes the one to get on his knees.

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