Guys In Sweatpants: Jacob and Jack


The only thing better than a massage is a massage that includes getting fucked afterwards. After mutual massages, Jacob shoved his face into Jack’s smooth hole before climbing on and fucking him into oblivion. Jack is the definition of an insatiable bottom, taking the fat, uncut cock however he was given it. Jacob’s a big boy (a good 200lbs of muscle), but luckily Jack’s 8″ cock serves as a perfect handlebar when power-slamming his hole. Jack ended with cum on and in him, which is a happy ending if we’ve ever seen one.

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Broke Straight Boys: Brandon Evans and Tanner Valentino


Brandon Evans and Tanner Valentino plan on getting dirty in this scene, so we’re excited to see what these two studs have in store! They lock lips, making out as Tanner kisses Brandon’s neck and Brandon reaches for that cock. As they get undressed, Tanner jerks Brandon’s dick while he gets heads from Brandon, but when these guys flip into a 69 position they both get to enjoy getting their dick sucked!

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English Lads: Joel, Andrew and Aaron


It’s a scorching hot day in England; to date cheeky straight hunk Joel has been on quite a journey and resisted all temptations to let a guy suck his cock; today he is horny in the heat and lets Andrew suck his massive uncut cock, Joel is not just long but thick and has one of those uncut cocks that just rises up and sticks straight up at the sky and today his cock seems harder than usual.

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“Stroking My Rock Hard Cock In Black & White!”


Are you into an “artsy” wank session? This dude (and his fat cock) fancy himself as a video artist and tried something different with the b&w mode of his camera. Do you think he succeeded?

He carefully positioned himself in the shot to showcase his extremely hard cock. After more than a few strokes the precious cum landed all over his meaty thigh. So hot! You are about to enjoy this video as a FREE sample of the Premium section of Sticky. Become a member and start enjoying hot videos like this on daily basis.

Make the jump to check out this session in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments!

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25 Jul 16 By G. 4 Comments Brenner Bolton and Paddy O’Brian


Brenner and Paddy have a shoot coming up and since they haven’t met before Paddy makes his way over to Brenner for a quick meet and greet. Paddy is already horny and thinks some practice time would get them both better acquainted. Brenner loves that idea and wastes no time getting Paddy’s throbbing dick all the way in his mouth. Practice makes perfect!

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Queer Clicks: July 24, 2016 | Former Male Sex Worker Looks Back On His Career With Pride, Chemsex Is Coming To The United States, & Other News

image – wickedgayblog

Laverne Cox Dazzles In First ‘Rocky Horror’ Trailer

“The transgender actress dazzles in the new trailer for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a remake of the 1975 cult musical that will air in October on Fox. The clip was dropped Thursday.” Advocate

Former Male Sex Worker Looks Back On His Career With Pride

““I first became involved in sex work after traveling to London for a job interview and losing my ticket home,” Paul Lowell tells Vice in a fascinating new article about retired sex workers.” Queerty

Chemsex Is Coming To The United States

“When scouring hook-up sites, do you look for a ParTy? Do you notice those that are looking for more than just sex? PnP? Is that a draw for you or do you steer clear of such things? Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are not just your daddy’s mantra. It’s the way of many boys out there that are looking for a good time, an equation where good times = your body + drugs.” Instinct Magazine

John Cho discusses the gay kiss dropped from Star Trek Beyond

“John Cho, who plays helmsman Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek beyond has revealed that a kiss between his character and his husband, played by co-writer Doug Jung, was cut in the final edit of the movie. “It wasn’t like a make-out session,” John told Vulture in an interview. “We’re at the airport with our daughter. It was a welcome-home kiss. I’m actually proud of that scene, because it was pretty tough.” Gay Times

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week


Despite being a super hot guy, our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is a bit shy and a bit of tease. But we’re in love all the same!

It took some convincing but he eventually shared the nudes we waited for so long. And our patience was rewarded. Those bedroom eyes, the perfectly developed muscles. He became our obsession. This time it was not love, just plain lust. So we worked our way though his heart to make him fall in love with is. A sexy selfie here, then a naughty pic there. He didn’t go all the way through but the more he teased us the more we wanted to have him. The moment when he turned around, completely naked, and revealed the most marvelous butt, we granted him the QCNBFOTW title right on the spot. He seemed poised to overcome his shyness but he’s a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless, his cock tease looks very promising!

Make the jump to check out our new boyfriend. Let us know if you think we should keep him in the comments!

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose and Gabriel Cross


After a bit of flirting, spunky Gabriel Cross and hunky Ryan Rose decide to take a nice long hike through the breathtaking scenery of Joshua Tree. Gabriel takes some pictures, and Ryan, who loves showing off for the camera, immediately gets hard. They beat it back to the vacation house where they strip down and make out in the outdoor shower. Gabriel’s muscled frame only reaches to Ryan’s shoulders, but their cocks are equally hefty.

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