Peter Plaugborg, Danish Actor And Hot Ginger, Goes Full Frontal!!!

Peter Plaugborg, Danish Actor And Hot Ginger, Goes Full Frontal!!!

Guys we’re moving to Denmark! Gingers are our weakness and when they are 6′ 6¾” tall (2 m.) even more. In case this redhead is new to you, this is what you need to know about him. Peter Plaugborg is a 36yo actor native from Ølgod, Denmark and his career seems to be on the rise. Peter has done several feature length films in his country and even a gay-themed drama short-film named “Nomansland” where he played a man that discovered that his lover is HIV positive after he committed suicide. But it’s a recent intervention in TV series “Bedre Skilt End Aldrig” what left us speechless as he appeared completely naked sporting nothing but a towel on his hand and a super sexy ginger bush above his perfect cock. Do you want to find out if this ginger actor is cut or uncut? Make the jump to see more of Danish actor Peter Plaugborg and his full-frontal and let us know your impressions in the comments!

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All American Heroes: Corporal Greene

All American Heroes: Corporal Greene

We like to think of our men in uniform in super-human terms, but when it comes down to it, no matter how much training they undergo, they are human like all of us. Case in point, Army Corporal Greene. Hard charging, motivated, adrenaline junky. Your typical twenty-something guy out of the Midwest looking for some action.

Greene has big hands, always a good sign, and gets right down to working his package over with them. A few good strokes, and he already has to open his jeans to release his monster.

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Next Door Raw: Jack Hunter and Mark Long


Jack Hunter is home alone quite often, which wouldn’t be so bad except that living off the beaten path, he tends to hear strange noises and experience odd occurrences that occasionally give him the creeps. It’d be nice if his boyfriend were around, but he’s usually away at work, when Jack thinks he sees a figure on his property, he calls for some security investigation.

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27 Apr 16 By Dave 3 Comments

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel and Scott Reeves


The boys are full of little surprises for us. Jean-Daniel would like to top Scott (although that doesn’t happen here today) and we find out that Scott can be a bit of a trouble maker and can be quite sensitive when he thinks people are trying to make a fool of him. We’ll just have to take his word on that as in all the years that we worked with him we have never had any issues.

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ChaosMen: Braden and Sean Peyton – Serviced

ChaosMen: Braden and Sean Peyton - Serviced

New guy Braden started off a little nervous. Thankfully Sean Peyton is now quite comfortable, and was up and ready to go.

They stroke each other’s cocks, and since Sean was the first guy hard, he got his cocked sucked first.

You can really see how aggressive, yet passive Braden is in sucking cock. He was definitely in his element based on his cock sucking skills. You can just tell he will make a great bottom. He also dives in there and rims Sean’s hole like a pro!

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Have You Ever Fantasized With Captain America Having A Wank?


Since we couldn’t find Chris Evans in his Captain America suit jerking off his cock we got you the next best thing, and animated rendition of everyone’s favorite 98yo virgin, Vibranium shield and all! We really hope this doesn’t ignite a civil war among our readers because we pretty much agree this is hot as hell. This new marvelous video comes from the Premium section of Sticky and you can watch it for FREE after the jump. We ask you QC reader, have you ever fantasized with Captain America? Let us know in the comments!

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Active Duty: Matthew Reeves

Active Duty: Matthew Reeves
Active Duty 50% OFF!

His name is Matthew Reeves. Matthew loves spending time in the gym, as well as hanging out around car shows. Once Matthew strips off his shirt and shorts, we see he’s wearing a pair of gray briefs and there’s something getting seriously fat in them. By the time Matthew pulls them off, his cock is fully erect and ready for attention. Matthew’s body is wonderful: patches of sexy ink and nice muscle tone. After some nice jerking on the couch, Matthew flips onto his stomach and grinds his boner into the couch. We get to see Matthew’s luscious ass in action. It’s bubbly with a medium amount of hair.

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27 Apr 16 By Ken 6 Comments

Sneaky Peek Update


The hidden spycams of SneakyPeek never stop recording, that’s why we have the privilege of featuring extremely hot guys like this footballer. He and his teammates are completely unaware that they are being filmed as they change of clothes. The situation gets extremely horny as the naked bodies get mixed with discarded jock straps, butts and uncut cocks. This is a feast!

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