Island Studs: Jaydee

Island Studs: Jaydee

College gymnast Jaydee is a cute fun loving, friendly golden black Law Student from Portland, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, firm bubble butt, and a 8″ Afro-American cock with a bright red dick head, big balls, bleached blond hair who flops this cock out of his sexy underwear, flexes, poses, and stands on his hands fully naked, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner, jerks his cock while sitting on an exercise ball, humps the ball with his full erection, opens his hairless black manhole, sits in a chair by the forest jerking off manhandling his heavy nuts, before before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera in in this exclusive new video from Island Studs.

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21 May 17 By Ken 5 Comments

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

Please do not lick your screen. We warn you because with these ten perfect GWiP-ers you WILL be tempted!

With only ten spots to be featured here the competition gets pretty intense. GuysWithiPhones is already a place with an extremely hot crowd but to narrow down the best examples sometimes is not an easy task. Take your time and let the beauty invade your senses. Every inch of these men need to be appreciated in detail. Specially those HUGE manhoods. But in truth they are all the whole package. Perfect torsos, faces, legs, and biceps. We’re sure this week you are going to have a tough time choosing your favorite!

After the jump the full line-up. Rank them in your own order and share your picks in the comments!

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20 May 17 By G. 23 Comments

Guys In Sweatpants: Corbin Colby and Austin


The guys just found a video of Corbin Colby and Austin fucking bareback that never got posted, and here it is! The boys were doing a webcam show, and decided to record it… because who wouldn’t want to re-experience all of this?! They easily have 16 or 17 inches of dick between them…and Corbin’s ass? Well, that beautiful thing speaks for itself. They both LOVE eating ass, so they spent a lot of time buried in each other’s holes.

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20 May 17 By Dave 4 Comments

William Higgins: Viktor Modrak

Viktor Modrak is aged 26 and lives in Prague. This great looking straight guy is a welder who enjoys sports, jogging and athletics. He does a very nice interview. Then, after a little persuasion he removes his tee shirt to show off a very good chest. He feels over the sexy chest. It takes more persuasion to go further and Viktor explains that he isn’t wearing underwear. But he does remove his jeans and his cock is already nice and hard. He takes hold of it and starts wanking that beautiful cock.

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20 May 17 By Dave 4 Comments

GeminiMen: Alexey’s Audition

Meet 20 year old Alexey Garamov. He was born in Vladivostok Russia and came to the US when he was 12 and he’s one beautiful import! He has piercing blue eyes and a fantastic smile that captured Mark’s attention instantly. Being very friendly, the conversation moved quickly and before you could say Borscht, he was in the studio. In his first XXX video, Alexey tells us about himself before he starts revealing his very sexy body. He’s smooth and all natural never having trimmed or shaved his pubes!

And when he pulls his cock out, it is one huge piece of UNCUT meat! His dick is very thick and long and unlike some big dicks, gets rock hard. Alexey fingers his butt and tries a vibrator for the first time. From the gleam in his eye, he loves it! His cock gets even bigger as he strokes it to a gushing climax!

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20 May 17 By Dave 10 Comments

Bel Ami: Ariel Vanean and Jason Bacall

It seems that Ariel is quite smitten with Jason Bacall in today’s scene. Those of you who don’t appreciate a little cheesy humor, may want to skip the 10 second shower sequence, but it is our cameraman’s tongue in cheek ode to 1980’s shower gel commercials.To be fair to Ariel though, it seems that the attraction is entirely mutual and Jason gets one of the best fucks he’s had so far at BelAmi.

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20 May 17 By Dave 9 Comments

Raunchy Bastards: Creeper Casting – Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole

“When Raunchy Bastards met Thomas, he had answered an ad I put online for guys. He sent me some really sharp photos that were not only professionally produced, but were from an adult company. So, I thought to myself, this guy is a total faker. I asked him to send me some pics that were taken himself on his phone, and he sent a few, but I was still skeptical. He informed me that he had done some jerk off vids and a straight porn, and that he needed the dough so he was down to do more.”

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20 May 17 By Dave 5 Comments

Skinny Dude Strokes His Extremely Fat Cock!

Skinny Dude Strokes His Extremely Fat Cock!

It’s always the skinny guys isn’t it?

It’s a miracle that he didn’t pass out when his cock reached that epic size we can see in this video. He might be a very lean guy but we can bet good money that he must fuck like a champ. The sheer beer-can size of that thing, not to mention the length, is intimidating. We’re sure that there’s a brave soul, or many, out there who would love to try their luck with his monstrous organ!

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Watch this FREEBIE in its entirety after the jump and share your impressions in the comments too!

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20 May 17 By G. 8 Comments