Gemini Men: Link – Fuck Machine

Mark Gemini found a unique sex machine that both sucks and fucks and he thought Link should try it first. As you will see, Link thought that was a hell of a good idea and was eager to see what it could do. First he gets his as ready with a vibrator and then lets the machine do its thing….or rather do his thing! Link gets sucked and likes it a lot, but when the machine is piston fucking his ass, Link is in ecstasy! He enjoys the fuck he’s receiving and takes his bug dick in hand and produces a huge load. A clean up in the shower and he’s a happy camper!

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Gay Harem: Men, Sex & Fun!

Enter a crazy universe where men have gone wild for sex! Create your own harem of sexy buff guys and defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests.

In Gay Harem , you’ll enjoy a real RPG with tons of uncensored content. Explore a mirror universe of video-games men, recruit them in your team, grow your harem, and build up your hero to defeat other players in strategic harem battles!

Can you create the mightiest harem of this oversexed world? Find out in Gay Harem!

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Bearded Daddy Stains His Mirror With Cum!

Bearded Daddy Stains His Mirror With Cum!

That mirror is going to need a good clean up!

We have an extra horny daddy and he’s ready to turn you on with his wank. That cozy hairy chest and his built was made for cuddling after sex. And if he’s capable of giving you such a big load imagine how good he must be under the sheets for an entire night!

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Watch the complete video for FREE after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Reality Dudes: Gage Unkut | Michael Del Rey

What do you do when you discover someone filming you while you use a urinal? You bend him over and teach him a raw lesson in manners. Watch as two big dicked babes fuck and suck all over a public bathroom without a care in the world. Ignoring the fact that they could be caught at any second Gage Unkut and Michael Del Rey, they work each other hard until they eventually slather the floor with their cum.

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Queer Clicks: August 19 | Dutch Water Polo Team’s Photo Creating Hype At Competition, Things Are Getting Hairy In The ‘Where The Bears Are’ Season 6 Trailer, & Other News

Send Nudes: Why Naked Attraction Is The Best Thing On TV

“Forget body confidence blogs and inspirational Instagram posts – the only thing currently making me feel remotely better about my less than perfect looks is a dating show in which people strip naked.

Naked Attraction sees the great British public baring all, supposedly in the hope of finding love.

But what many participants, not to mention viewers like me, find instead, is increased self-confidence, better perspective and a long-overdue dose of reality when it comes to the human body.” Metro

Things Are Getting Hairy In The ‘Where The Bears Are’ Season 6 Trailer

“The guys behind popular, long-running gay web series Where the Bears Are have released a trailer for its sixth season ahead of its launch on August 31.

The Kickstarter-funded comic show that bills itself as Golden Girls meets Murder, She Wrote picks up where season five left off, spotlighting four gay Silver Lake roommates and their close encounters of the bear kind. This time around, it promises the “trial of the century” as main character Nelson (Ben Zook) is charged with murder. Also returning are perennially-struggling actor Reggie (Rick Copp), aspiring adult film mogul Wood (Joe Dietl), and resident beefcake Todd (Ian Parks). Additionally starring is Web Therapy‘s Jennifer Elise Cox (a/k/a ’90s Jan Brady), who makes a memorable splash in the trailer.” Towleroad

Dutch Water Polo Team’s Photo Creating Hype At Competition

“An international water polo competition is underway at the University of Taiwan and the only thing people can focus on is the Dutch water polo team. After a simple photo was taken of the team, Taiwanese press began circulating the photo, which has now taken over, and is becoming the most popular aspect of the competition.” Instinct Magazine

Photographer: Steve France | Model: Riley Zack

Zack Riley By Steve France

“Gym addict and protein junkie Zack Riley joins us on the DNA website thanks to photographer, Steve France.

Show some love, follow the photographer and the model from this shoot on their social media.” DNA Magazine

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Nine Hot Fitness Models You Need To Follow On Instagram! – Part 1

Nine Hot Fitness Models You Need To Follow On Instagram! - Part 1

If you are in need of some “gymspiration” or simply your retinas enjoy male beauty we have ten perfect specimens we want to shine some light on!

These fitness models have considerably elevated their IG game with their selfies and professional photoshoots. The abundance of firm muscles is only topped by those handsome faces. From clean cut type of guys to hot scruffy ones you’re bound to find you new Instagram crush here. Athletes, trainers, actors, natural bodybuilders, ex-military men, power lifters and gym sharks. They all have one goal in common here to motive you to lift your butt out of the chair and life a healthier life. And this list also gives you a chance to stare at those impossibly perfect physiques all the time that you want without being awkwardly caught!

Make the jump to pick your favorite and don’t forget to vote on our poll!

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BadPuppy: James Huck

We last saw James Huck on Badpuppy last February in his duo with Tony Hall, and this time around it’s just James in all of sexy, studly splendor. Sitting back on the sofa James slowly takes off his shirt and shorts. His body is incredible. He grabs a bottle of lube, opens it and squirts a healthy amount onto his chest. He slides his way off the sofa, onto the floor where he kneels and begins to sensually rub the oil into his ripped six-pack abs and chest.

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18 Aug 17 By Dave 1 Comment Jordan Levine | Jay Austin

Off duty cop, Jordan Levine, loves fucking street sluts so much that he’s back for more. He waits impatiently in Whore Alley, until Jay Austin falls right into his lap. Faced with such a dominant beast, Jay can’t help but drop to his knees and start sucking. Jordan makes use of all Jay’s holes before the tables turn and he takes a massive facial from his fuck toy.

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