Queer Clicks: September 27, 2016 | Watch The Trailer For James Franco’s New Gay Porn Nightmare Odyssey “King Cobra”, Sexy British Scaffolder Does Perfect Dinosaur Impressions from ‘Jurassic Park, & Other News


Watch The Trailer For James Franco’s New Gay Porn Nightmare Odyssey “King Cobra”

“James Franco’s new (and very well-received) indie thriller King Cobra has been unleashed onto the web. The plot follows the bizarre circumstances surrounding the real-life murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis in 2007. Kocis (played by Christian Slater), who headed gay porn studio Cobra Video, achieved meteoric success after signing legendary pornstar Brett Corrigan when he was just an angel-faced twink (also underaged at the time of his first movie).” Paper Mag

The Closet Is Still Killing Us

“I first heard about MTV’s Look Different Creator Competition through a friend who works at Logo. The competition is part of the network’s larger campaign exploring issues of privilege and discrimination. Immediately, I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to depict the closet and the havoc it wreaks.” Advocate

Sexy British Scaffolder Does Perfect Dinosaur Impressions from ‘Jurassic Park

“A handsome scaffolder from the UK has put the internet in stitches after his co-workers captured video of his spot-on dinosaur impressions.

The young man, named Jack Lewis as Mashable notes, does impressions of a T-Rex and a velociraptor as seen in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. The end result leaves his co-workers gasping for breath.” Towleroad

Stop Everything: Will and Grace Reunion Has Been Confirmed

“After a series of cryptic messages shared on social media over the weekend, it looks like all our dreams are finally coming true—Will and Grace are coming back. ” Out

Historic England to relist Oscar Wilde’s home and others with gay heritage

“The homes of Oscar Wilde, Benjamin Britten and Anne Lister, a woman considered the “first modern lesbian”, are being relisted as part of a gay history project undertaken by Historic England.

The heritage organisation has also announced that the grave of Amelia Edwards, a Victorian novelist and Egyptologist, is to be given listed status for the first time.” The Guardian

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Argentine Racing Drivers Mauro Giallombardo And Johnny De Benedictis Naked Together In A Sex Scandal – Threesome Video Leaks!

Argentine Racing Drivers Mauro Giallombardo And Johnny De Benedictis Naked Together In A Sex Scandal- Threesome Video Leaks!

These two horny buddies share everything, even the hole they put their cocks in!

Argentine racing drivers Mauro Giallombardo and Juan Bautista De Benedictis (best known as “Johnny”) are at the epicenter of a sex scandal that has no precedent in their native country. Giallombardo and De Benedictis both compete for the Ford Ocatanos Competición team in the TC Formula, Argentina’s most popular touring car racing series, incidentally also the oldest car racing series that’s still active in the world.

But over the weekend it wasn’t just racing they shared, the racing pilots also filmed themselves with a cellphone while each having sex with an aspiring model and grid girl! Mauro, who is 26 and Johnny, who is 29, shared two videos with their inner circle via WhatsApp but one of their friends leaked those with an unidentified third party, who then in turn over-shared the threesome with a much larger group. Consequently, it spread like wildfire! In the first video both racing drivers are completely naked, they get a simultaneous blowjob while making jokes about the clash of their cocks and call out a friend named “Agus” for missing the sex party with them. Argentine media outlets are speculating that they could be referring to Agustín Canapino another driver and colleague of theirs. The second video is without a doubt the main course and in this one Giallombardo and Benedictis perform a double penetration and dedicate the act to their group of buddies nicknamed “los tribilines” (the goofy ones). They also tell the girl in the video that she will be getting calls from them in the future to which she replies with a smile and blows a kiss towards the camera.

Both videos jumped from social media circles to sports news sites that magnified the scandal when screen grabs of the accompanying conversation in which they ask their friends to delete the video were also made public. It remains unclear at this point if any kind of repercussions will be faced or if the ACTC will intervene, but in the immediate term, sponsors are dropping left and right. The father of the girl that they shared in bed, who is 21, made public threats via Facebook to Giallombardo promising physical harm to the driver. It’s worth mentioning that despite the the sex was consensual, the foreplay became a little rough, Giallombardo is seen slapping her at one moment and De Benedictis bit her ass. The three of them laugh the whole time and as is often in these type of cases, the genie is out of the bottle and we have the images of their cocks and the sex videos!

Make the jump to check out Argentine racing drivers Mauro Giallombardo and Johnny De Benedictis naked together and fucking a girl on camera and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Lucas Entertainment: Philip Zyos Fucks Ibrahim Moreno – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Philip Zyos Fucks Ibrahim Moreno - Bareback

Both Philip Zyos and Ibrahim Moreno are beautiful men – they have incredible faces, stunning bodies, and big uncut cocks ready for action. From the onset of the scene Ibrahim (who is enamored by Philip’s stunning good looks) drops to his knees and starts giving one of his perfect blowjobs. And yes, Ibrahim mindfully makes eye contact with Philip while performing fellatio on him – a require Philip has when his bottoms pleasure him.

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Bentley Race: Cody James and Romain Deville

Bentley Race: Cody James and Romain Deville

Cody James and Romain Deville had not met before this shoot, and it’s the first time Cody will be bottoming. Ben knew that this was going to work out. Both guys are very sweet and love sex. They were very flirty from the start. Romain’s big smile indicated he was happy with the choice of his co-star for the day. This photoshoot was the foreplay to the very hot video the guys were about to make. It’s great seeing Aussieboy Cody getting drilled for the first time by top daddy Romain.

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CollegeDudes: Javier Cruz Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes: Javier Cruz Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes Javier Cruz and Conner Mason lose their clothes pretty quick as they make out, pressing their lips together and then their cocks as they make out and Conner works his way down to Javier’s dick. Javier pushes his cock deeper into Conner’s mouth as Conner sucks that sweet dick and when they switch off, Javier can’t get enough of Conner’s delicious meat! Javier gets another round of oral, watching as Conner goes down on him, and when both these guys are hard, Javier goes in for a different kind of oral as he spreads Conner’s ass apart.

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Men.com: Jessy Ares and Ken Rodeo


Jessy Ares and Ken Rodeo passionately fuck after spotting each other out on their balconies. Ken’s pink hole hugs Jessy’s hard cock tightly as he slides in and out of him.

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ChaosMen: Alonso

ChaosMen: Alonso

Alonso is one of the few models that Bryan has ever approached at the gym.

He seems fluid with what he likes. More into girls, but likes stroking or even sucking guys, but has never taken it beyond that. He has been married twice, and has sworn off getting married again, and seems to exploring messing around with guys.

He has a ripped body, and a long thick uncut cock!

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Check Out This Shooter!

Check Out This Shooter!

It’s like a never ending stream of cum!

This furry hottie and his “dadbod” are one unstoppable machine. His thick streams of cum are so potent that we can only begin to understand how good of a shooter he must be thanks to this video. Imagine being on the receiving end of that cock!

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Watch the video in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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Sean Cody: Brysen

Sean Cody: Brysen

Newbie Brysen is a hottie. He’s a very laidback and relaxed kinda guy with a goofy side that could make anybody laugh, and a sexy side that can seduce you. He’s also bisexual!

“You like boys and girls, right?” We were just confirming.

“Yeah, for the most part. I lean a little more towards boys usually.” Lucky us!

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