Hung Nerd Makes A Cummy Mess On His Bed!

Hung Nerd Makes A Cummy Mess On His Bed!

Please leave those glasses on, it adds to our fantasy!

This super well-built guy is fulfilling all of our nerdy fantasies. The movements, the attitude, the confidence and that cock! It’s such a shame that no one was there to receive that load, especially one so abundant. Someone needs to take care of the laundry after that cummy mess. Any volunteers in the room?

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Queer Clicks: December 14 | Gay Porn Star David Enrique Meza aka Mario Romo Gets Life Sentence For Killing Jake Merendino, Death Of A Porn Star, & Other News

Gay Porn Star David Enrique Meza aka Mario Romo Gets Life Sentence For Killing Jake Merendino

“GAY porn star David Enrique Meza, 27, has been jailed for life plus 20 years in San Diego for the 2015 murder of 52-year-old Texas millionaire Jake Merendino.

At Meza’s sentencing Judge Jeffrey Miller said the long sentence was because “this murder was shockingly evil — excessively so.”” The Daily Telegraph

August Ames in January 2016. Roger Kisby/Redux

Death Of A Porn Star

“When August Ames killed herself following controversy on Twitter, it revealed a schism between the gay and straight communities in the porn industry. Popular porn star August Ames took her own life last week after finding herself in the middle of a controversy over cyberbullying and homophobia.” Rolling Stone

Does Having Older Brothers Increase Men’s Chances Of Being Gay? Here’s What The Studies Say

“Is being gay linked to genetics? It’s a controversial question which brushes up against issues of personal sexual choice and the ethics of reducing something as complex and fluid as sexuality down to a biological signal. But a major new study, conducted over 20 years, suggests that men who are gay tend to have a greater number of older brothers—and for an actual, scientific reason.” Fortune

‘Versace: American Crime Story’ Will Actually Be About Being Gay In The ’90s

“The premiere episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story boasts style in exactly the grand scale you’d expect from a TV series associated with the doomed fashion icon.

The camera turns its lens on the ostentatious opulence of Versace’s Miami Beach mansion almost as a fetish. The fashion is as late-’90s glamorous and decadent as it is garish and tacky. Sex oozes everywhere, from the sweat of the South Florida beach setting to the lingering gaze on star Darren Criss’ exceptionally sculpted (briefly nude) body.” The Daily Beast

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Trevor Signorino, From Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Video, Alleged Nude Snaps Leak!

Trevor Signorino, From Taylor Swift's Blank Space Video, Alleged Nude Snaps Leak!

No, it’s not that “Blank Space” guy… it’s the other one!

Trevor Signorino is a 23yo professional male model who got his big break in the fashion industry with several Versace underwear campaigns including one with Gigi Hadid. He has posed for practically all the famed photographers and even Bruce Weber lensed him in his perfect birthday suit. Surely that must have attracted the attention of Taylor Swift at some point?

When the singer debuted his Blank Space video many were busy fawning over Sean O’Pry, the star of the Joseph Kahn directed short, but if you paid closer attention it was Trevor who got the final spotlight. Now thanks to a leak it seems that the spotlight is not on his gorgeous face but on another part of his anatomy. A series of explicit snaps are attributed to Signorino apparently, but take it with a grain of salt that this cock with a raging hard-on allegedly belongs to the super model

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Next Door Studios: Scott Finn and Danny Gunn

Next Door Studios:  Scott Finn and Danny Gunn

Coming home from his introduction into the world of open relationships, Scott Finn finds his boyfriend, Danny Gunn, sitting pensively on the back porch. Danny, having received a call from Mark Long, already knows that Scott has found out about his affair, but what Danny soon finds out is that Scott has taken it upon himself to dabble with infidelity himself, and suddenly has found new perspective on Danny’s actions.

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