Gay Flash Arcade!

Until one of the Super Mario Brothers comes out (Luigi’s always seemed curiously disinterested in Princess Peach), there’s a serious lack overtly gay video games. Luckily, some horny Flash wizards have put the following games together to tide you over and turn you on in the meanwhile…
Video game sex is less mundane than regular sex
CRUISING ROOM: In this point-and-click adventure game, you navigate your character through a gay bar with the goal of getting 5 hook-ups (you slut!). It’s originally a European game, so some of the translations are a little funny, but there’s lots of dead-on humor and the action scenes are hot. Hint: Try starting with the kissing couple and be sure to save your last condom for the hunky bouncer.
Stefanus has a stuffed anus
Stefanus De Kinky Keeper: Stefan Postma was that Dutch goal keeper who had a video leaked onto the internet of him getting fucked by his ex-girlfriend with a strap-on (good times!). This quick flash game mocks him. Just aim the heart-shaped cross hairs at his hungry hole as the keeper trolls from side to side. When the dildo speed-meter at the left fills up simply launch a love missile and score! It gets especially funny when you see all these pink dildos littering the soccer field.
Dorcass has a dork ass
Hunkcraft: You’re looking to draw a naked dragon slayer. So naturally, you’ve come to the apartment of Natalie the artist and her ex-mercenary husband, Dorcas. Dorcas has graciously agreed to model for you, but you’ve got more on your mind than just painting. Can you convince the hunky model to strip down and jerk his dong to climax? You only have three chances and the man is moody…
Gotta love the french... they invented french kissing!
French Video Porn Game: Ever wanted to direct your own porn? Well, now you can! Have your actor suck some hot, hung cock in the shower. Have a dark skinned stud rim and fuck him rotten&mdash it’s your call! Once the game loads, simply click on the showers area (called douches in French, tee-hee) and after the intro scene, control the action by clicking on the images on the right. The orange bar indicate hotness level. When it tops out, money shots galore! If you get curious, the pool section is also worth checking out, though most of the other areas seem to be “en construction.”


13 Aug 08 By paperbagwriter 11 Comments