Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston Together Again!

Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston Together Again!
Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston aren’t just porn stars, they’re icons that helped establish Bel Ami and define an ideal. Angelic Johan with his unassuming smile, slim body, and beautiful cock came to represent the flower of youth, our first sexual experiences, a combination of curiosity and desire. Meanwhile, we desired Lukas for his muscular body, startling “wolf-like” blue eyes, his large uncut cock and massive cumshots. He represented the transition from boyhood to manhood, an awakening to our bodies and sexual prowess.
According to Johan, the first time he ever got fucked was by Lukas in Lukas’ Story. Now they’re together again! This December 26th through January 4th, the Boardwalk Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will present Ridgeston and Paulik onstage (Johan’s first U.S. performance). During that time, the boys will also do a “live performance” and autograph signing at Pulse.
In 2000, Lukas and Johan were inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame with George Duroy, owner of Bel Ami, the studio Paulik worked for his entire career.


16 Nov 08 By paperbagwriter 5 Comments


  • bc says:

    “Lukas” may have worked his entire career at Bel Ami, but prior to that the same actor appeared in several German videos–studio was Mans Best, I think–under a different nom de porn.

  • j says:

    Someone please take pictures!!

  • euan says:

    I hope that Lukas has aged much better than Johan Paulik, and that the latter is has shaped up and cleaned up by the time they appear in FL.

  • Veggie says:

    What will their show consist of? Tongue flicking and Indiana Jones-like haberdashery?
    It wouldn’t matter. If I could be there, I’d go. (Come to NY!)

  • donnie says:

    didya know that “Bel Ami” is Italian for “1980s soccer hair?”
    fer realz

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