SHEET FIGHTER 3! Martial Arts Champ Hayato “Mach” Sakurai (桜井”マッハ”速人) Sweats Out Three Rounds Of Hardcore Fucking

SHEET FIGHTER 3! Introduction
Not too long ago, studly martial arts fighter, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, videotaped himself fucking three women and those tapes—lucky us—got leaked onto the internet. In America, celebrities fuck on tape to boost their flaccid careers (just look at Paris Hilton, Mini Me, and Judi Dench), but we get the sense that Sakurai just wanted to turn himself on. His tapes haven’t gotten much attention in America yet. They have, however, lit up the Japanese blogosphere. And after watching them, we understand why: he’s fuckin’ sexy… an extreme fighter with a muscular body and a meaty cock. He can really screw: pounding away any stereotypes you might have about boring or unattractive men in Asian porn as he happily fucks three different women. His girls get camera shy, until he enters them; then they forget all about the cam and become all about the cock.
We love grappling and fucking on film, so we’ve gone through the three tapes and picked out all the best cock, ball, and cumshots so you can see the Sheet Fighter in action. In between each round of intense fucking, we’ve added videos of Sakurai kicking ass to get you into the mood for another round of rambunctious sex. Think you can last all three rounds? Then, GAME ON!

To get you in the mood, here’s Sakurai reducing his foe into cookie dough by smashing his knee into his opponent’s brains. Such raw power and physical ability. It’s nice to see it translate into his sex tapes. Of course, if he treated women like he treats men, they’d be more like snuff films. Then again, some folks like rough sex. How about you? Do you enjoy a little donkeypunching every now and then? OK, enough banter…. ONTO THE SEX!!!
Sakurai starts off lying down and removing his green boxers to reveal his erect cock; even lying on his leg it looks big. His granny-pantied lover kisses him, resting her tube-like body on his. Then, she leans over to start sucking his cock. She’s not at it for very long before he puts her in the leg-scissors. We got worried because Mach’s leg scissors usually precede his punching someone in the head. Instead, they started holding each other in what’s called “the lotus position” and kissing—very sensual.
He plops her down and stands up, revealing his thick 6 or 7-inch cock. She finally sheds her unalluring bloomers. As she grabs some lotion, he starts batting her head with his dick. She whines, but he’s only half-kidding… blow me already, his cock seems to say with each tap. She keeps moisturizing her hands. He looks out the window and bats her head once more. Then she inhales his cock. Damn, Jeena. She really enjoys sucking dick and the feeling’s so intense, you can see his muscular legs tense up and sucks the head of his beautiful prick.
He begins holding her hand, upping the intimacy but blocking a clear view of his cock… DAMMIT! Luckily, it’s not long before they start fucking. Man, he’s got a beautiful ass. It’s round and humpy with each mighty thrusts, first her lying on top of her, then sitting on his knees so he can enter her more deeply. He eventually flips her over and continues fucking her with his head chopped off by the camera.
With all the money he makes beating the shit out of people, you’d think he’d be able to afford a camera man. His excellent butt cheeks flex and push as he finishes fucking and cumming off-camera. What?! No cum shot or O-face? Oh well… Sakurai’s happy smile lets us know just how much he enjoyed himself. We know we did and we’re sure she did too. Well done, Mach.

Here’s an interview with Sakurai after his eighth win in nine days. He’s sweaty and showing his sexy little body in his fighting trunks. But what’s best is how he keeps iterating that he wants to be a “deep champion.” Oh, he’s a deep champ all right and we’ve got the pics to prove it! We’re guessing he fucked the shit out of the translator afterwards… just like he did THIS NEXT GIRL!
Set in low mood lighting, Sakurai wastes no time mounting his filly and riding her into Pound Town. She’s a thin woman, you can see her rib cage clearly through her bikini tan. Maybe Mach likes his women small because rolling around with someone muscular would be too much like bringing work home. Either way, she gets on top of him and starts riding his big cock. Then he flips her over and starts fucking her from on top, hoisting his beautiful ass in the air and revealing his hole, pile driving his thick shaft into her.
She’s having fun (and so are we), but then he starts fooling around with the camera and she gets a “Oh God, not again,” look on her face until he slips his love stick inside her so he can capture her moaning while he thrusts… pretty hot, actually. He looks down at his cock, but the damned camera strap keeps getting in the way of his junk. No worries though, because he soon pulls out of her and sprays jizz onto her face and tits! Hot damn! Nice finish!

Want some fucking brutality? Watch this bruising little gem. Sakurai gets it on with a sexy Brazilian Luiz Azeredo, a handsome fuck with eyes on the back of his ass! Sakurai really manhandles the guy. Just look at all the bruises on Azeredo’s legs! Jesus! The match is clipped to cut straight to the good bits. We like the fighting, but personally we’d prefer a bit more fucking. I mean, they’re already hugging and sweaty with their legs wrapped around each other. All they’d need is no clothes and raging hard-ons. Wrestle and Fuck basically does the same thing already. That’d get them lots of gay fans. In fact, maybe that’s why Mach’s fucking ladies on video, to ward off the gays. But here we are anyway (BWA-HA-HAAAAA!!) ENOUGH!ONTO THE FINAL ROUND!
SHEET FIGHTER 3! Round Three
Round Three starts off with a BANG… a FINGER BANG! Yesiree, Mach diddles her fiddle like a hillbilly strumming a banjo. She draws him closer, kissing him passionately as she shudders, whimpers, and melts into lady butter. Then, he mounts her center-screen for the big show. And BIG it is. We said his wonger looked about 6 or 7 inches in the first round. In the third, it looks fucking huge, real long and thick. He really rams it up in her and you can hear her moaning and his grunting as their bodies become slick with sweat. Her pussy swallows it whole. His long, deep thrusts made our asses twitch… sweet God, the guy can fuck.
Mach pulls her to the side of the bed and spunks on her thighs and butt cheeks off-camera. We’ve included a pic, but it’s a little hard to see. Afterwards, they’re exhausted (and if you’ve been watching, so are you). They wipe down, crack open a beer and watch a Japanese soap opera. They spoon and she cradles his face and kisses him… very intimate.
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, previously on QC Japanese:
格闘家 桜井”マッハ”速人のプライベートハメ撮りビデオ画像
格闘家 桜井”マッハ”速人のプライベートハメ撮りビデオが流出!
総合格闘家 桜井”マッハ”速人


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