Shawn Southern Has Left VH1’s Tool Academy, But Continues Tooling Around

Shawn Southern of VH1's Tool Academy Shows His Tool
Looking at Shawn Southern’s frosted, pointy emo-tips, his drunken collection of frat daddy tattoos, and his horrible taste in ladies underwear, he must’ve fit right in at VH1’s Tool Academy. For those of you with lives, VH1’s Tool Academy is a “reality TV show” where nine losers try to keep their girlfriends and win cash by attending a charm school for mutants. But unlike Dr. Xavier’s school, the only power these mutants have is advanced douchbaggery. Southern fit in so well, in fact, that he got the show’s logo tattooed under his left arm—apparently you can graduate Tool Academy, but you can never leave.
So it comes as no surprise that he got his junk photographed while changing with a handful of other skanks in what appears to be a locker room for coke addicts. The obligatory cock pic always marks the last of every reality stars’ 15 minutes. But ShawnDudeBro’s also got a deeper side. His MySpace page reveals that he also likes yachting with turd burglars in Croatia and designing skivvies for his own underwear company, Kung Fu Hero Wear. As long as they don’t have Spanish roses or a glitter-clit on them, we might actually consider buying a pair. Oh wait… no we won’t.
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12 Jun 09 By paperbagwriter 3 Comments