Rico From VH1’s I Love New York Cums To SG4GE.com

Rico is Gay
It’s a slippery slope from reality TV to gay porn as we’ve shown time and time and time and time and time again. For Sandro “Rico” Padron his slide into the clutches of Jake Cruise has been filled with many humiliating bumps.
First, he competed for the “heart” of Flava Flav’s ex, Tiffany “New York” Pollard in VH1’s I Love New York (but her heart must be hard a hard treasure to win seeing as the show’s had at least three seasons)—he got booted off in the second episode. Afterwards, he got a public flogging on Judge Joe Brown where he was forced to pay his ex-roommate $3,130 for letting him sleep on the couch of a one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood.
Then, presumably to pay back his ex-roommate, Rico popped up on Playboy’s dating show Foursome where he nailed some buxom slag and now on Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (“Where Men Cum First”*).
We got the sex pics and more about Rico’s gayness after the jump!

rico is gay
You may recall that SG4GE is owned by porn anti-hero, Jake Cruise, who caused a stir just a few months back by getting Arpad Miklos to go “Straight for Pay”. Well, reality flunkie Rico’s now on there, deep-dicking some nameless flooze with his thick, uncut love bat. He’s pretty damned ripped, looks like rough trade, and blows quite a load on his chiseled abs.
While we never gave a damn about Rico during his reality days, we most certainly do now. And since he’s obviously into ass play, likes shaving his pubes and holes, and enjoys getting head, we’re kinda hoping Jake can find Rico a guy to do all of that for Rico, maybe then his “modeling career” will really take off. Who’s says gay porn is where reality stars go to die?
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Thanks to Fleshbot, The Sword, and Tabloid Prodigy for the pics.

*this is not actually SG4GE’s slogan, but it should be.


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