The Transformation Of Chris Crocker: From “Leave Britney Alone” To A ChiChi LaRue Porn?!!

Remember Chris Crocker? He’s the androgynous twink who once made a weepy, shouty YouTube plea for people to “Leave Britney alone!” Well he’s grown up into a sexy, scruffy 23-year-old who’s now telling Britney to stop doing stage performances because everything show she’s done since the Circus era has sucked.
Way harsh, Chris. But what’s this? He’s also gonna film a porn with ChiChi LaRue? No… really??

Crocker has apparently been posting nudes on his Tumblr site and announced “I am doing a full-length porno this summer. 🙂 Deal is in place.” Furthremore, he’s been trading tweets with sexy top Brent Everett and porn directress ChiChi LaRue… so maybe it’s gonna happen.
Of course, he’s been getting flack from people who feel their digital childhood being torn apart by his doing porn, but he’s a grown man who can make his own decisions. Here’s some of his responses to fans telling him not to “degrade himself”:

There is a double standard. I am just an “internet celebrity”. I am just showing my dick on a computer. It’s not glamourized. Therefore, I am just “throwing it all away”. If bitches would think for 1.2 seconds, they would realize how hypocrticial their judgements are.

I will have children. But until the day I am ready to committ my life to that – I will be an exhibitionist & I will show my dick like it’s a party favor. Got a problem? See a shrink.

It’s just.. It’s not the 12th century. I’m not a pilgrim, and neither the people writing in. Half of them probably do cam-to-cam sex & send nudes to their significant other. Same thing – I just don’t care who sees it.

I was born an exhibitionist. (Ooh, big words for such small minds. And an even bigger concept) My earliest memory is me telling my grandmother “NO! I don’t want jeans! I want SHORTS, to show off my sexy legs.”

I would always get a rush out of walking around in barely nothing. Even at school – I would hike up my shorts and bend over so that boys would see my butt, behind me.

Then when I became a teenager & discovered a digital camera – it was on from there. I have always been an inherently sexual person. Quit looking for explanations. Quit overanalyzing. I am what I am, and one thing is for sure: I am sexual. You can call it for attention, sure, but ultimately.. I am getting the attention and that is what bothers others. 😉

I am not degrading myself by showing my body. Clothes are man-made. My body was designed by the universe, and nudity is my style of choice.

Party on, Chris!
Now, Zach Sire at The Sword says that Crocker needs to pack on 20 pounds of muscle before he’s porn hot… and Zach is right. But remember, even smokin’ hot fuck otter Tommy Defendi started out as a skinnier twink. Seeing how hot Chris has become since his “Leave Britney alone” days, we’re sure he’ll only improve with age.
Of course, Crocker also has fans who support the idea:

I don’t get how people can say how they used to love your videos but now they’re so disappointed or pissed or whatever now that you are posting nudes. You’d think if they were actually fans of your videos they’d be able to grasp what you’ve been saying ALL ALONG- accept yourself, be who you are, do what you want to do, don’t give a fuck what others think. Do they expect you to not take your own advice? Whatever, keep being you and don’t listen to these idiots <3

PS: Holy fuck you’re hot!

But the real question is will he top or bottom? After all, Everett is known for topping. According to Crocker’s responses, they’re gonna have to wrestle for top position:

I am always top.

I have been with more black guys than white guys, but I fucked them all.

I have bottomed. I like both, but I am 80% of the time top.

Allow us to make a prediction: Chris Crocker will use that 20 percent to bottom for Everett and then have another scene in the same film where he uses his thick, beautiful cock to fuck some guy. We hope it’s a muscular guy so we can get off on a twink totally owning a muscleman’s ass. We’d cum buckets to that. Especially if Crocker did that Billy Idol sneer while plowing him.


17 Jun 11 By paperbagwriter 35 Comments