Sexy Jake Cumming Soon to a Theater Near You!

On November 4, Jarhead, featuring the yummy Jake Gyllenhaal, will be premiering nationwide. It’s about a young man who joins the Marines and trains to be a sniper. He finds himself plunged into the chaotic swirl of sand, oil, fire and death that was the Gulf War. The movie also has Jamie Foxx in it, and is directed by Sam Mendes (known for directing American Beauty). Here’s a taste of what to expect in November:
Jake Gyllenhaal in Jar Head
You’ve heard about the upcoming movie Brokeback Mountain set to release in early December. If you haven’t, it’s a gay western set in 1960s Wyoming about two cowboys, played by Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal, who fall in love. Over a 20 year time span, the film shows the pressures, challenges, and violence faced by the lovers in rural America. Some say it’s not a “gay” western, that it is instead about a deep friendship between 2 men, supposedly straight, who love each other so much that the sexual desire arises between them. Either way, Jake and Heath are super yummy! Here’s a preview of what you can expect, with a small nude of Heath:
Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain
Lastly, here are some DELICIOUS collages of hunky Jake surfing, showering, and eating. I do believe that boy has the potential for some “self-service,” but we could only have a better idea if we had some new revealing pictures of Gyllenhall like the new ones of Jude Law vacationing in France…
You can see him relax his jaw though, and eat his lunch like a man. So much potential! He really does have a great, natural looking body, slightly hairy with a nice set of abs and those puppy dog eyes.
Jake Gyllenhaal surfin'!
Jake Gyllenhaal surfin'!
Jake Gyllenhaal opening his mouth wide...

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