Is Derrek Diamond Leaving Porn Forever?

The End Of Derrek Diamond?
Raging Stallion studios has confirmed that they have let exclusive performer Derrek Diamond out of his contract early “to take some time off from porn. Here’s what Derrek had to say:

Yeah, I’m taking a break for a while, and I’m not sure about coming back. My boyfriend and I want to get married, have a ceremony, and make it official. I know for sure I’m not doing porn after we get married cause I think that just changes things. Call me old fashioned, but after marriage I’m a one-man man. I’ve also been offered a great job, which could be a change into a whole new career. I’m really excited to see how it all unfolds.

Honestly, me and my boyfriend’s lives are just evolving, and we wanna get back to other things for a while…the things that got a little lost during the “pornado” that was the last three years. It’s hard to say what’s in the future, I just need to focus on what I want and plan more; I feel like I’ve been enjoying the ride and not thinking things through. There’s a lot more I could say, but hopefully you and everyone gets the gist. I love my fans and the experiences I’ve had!

Derrek’s boyfriend is a lucky man and we wish the both of them well. Does this mean that we should kiss Derrek’s sweet delicious fuckable ass goodbye? Perhaps, but not before giving him his very own Derrek Diamond QC Fan Club page so we can relive all the good times. If you ever decide to come back Derrek, we’ll accept you with open legs!

Aug 20, 2010 By paperbagwriter 4 Comments