Mason Wyler HIV Story Ignites Gay Porn Blogger War (Yes, A WAR)

Mason Wyler HIV Story Ignites Gay Porn Blogger War (Yes, A WAR)
In July 2010 Mason Wyler said that from now on he’d only be doing solo JO scenes from his Texas residence. Then a few days ago in a story entitled “Is Mason Wyler Spreading Diseases?” the blog Gay Porn Gossip was the first to out Wyler for having HIV and included this vindictive tweet from Wyler’s roommate (Randy Blue’s Porter Wescott) along with the following tidbit (emphasis ours):
Mason Wyler HIV Story Ignites Gay Porn Blogger War (Yes, A WAR)

GayPornGossip however was informed that very same day [that Mason announced his switch to solo scenes only] from multiple creditable sources inside the camp that Mason has tested positive for HIV and Hepatitis C and would continue to perform, but only in solos and on web cam broadcasts. GayPornGossip did not report this story in hopes that Mason would be able to back away from his previous “lifestyle” and seek out medical care and other necessary things to be expected of a someone who had discovered they were a carrier of HIV. Simply put, we didn’t announce our findings or make any publication in respect for Mason.
Nevertheless, over the past several months we have closely watched the behavior of Mason and we find that he isn’t doing what should rightly be done -one of many examples of very alarming nature is Mason’s current Adam4Adam profile which clearly states that he is HIV negative.

So who is the mastermind behind Gay Porn Gossip? The Sword explains that it’s Mark Wilson, webmaster of Great Atlantic Media, “a company that controls myriad blogs and porn star sites.” Wilson himself “currently manages websites for Brent Corrigan, Jason Pitt, Pierre Fitch, and Jason Sechrest. He also oversees the ‘Gorgeous Boys’ network of affiliate blogs, including GayPornGossip.”
It turns out that Wyler only blamed Hepatitis C for the reason behind his change to JO-only because he didn’t want to admit his HIV status—but he has since admitted that he doesn’t actually have Hepatitis C.
What’s left us scratching our heads though is the reason GPG gave for choosing to disclose Wyler’s HIV-status in the first place: because Wyler didn’t “back away from his previous ‘lifestyle’… and other necessary things”? Like changing the status on his Adam4Adam profile?
Sounds pretty moralistic and judgmental.
The Sword thought so too. In fact, they posted a picture of a hog wallowing in filth and called it Mark Wilson. Then in a chat with Wilson, The Sword editor Zach Sire asks him why he’s zeroed in on Mason:

zachsire: If you went through everyone who claimed to be negative on their hookup profiles who are actually positive, you’d be pretty busy. Are you going to publish other porn stars’ HIV statuses who happen to have sex lives….

MarkWilson: I published that story only because of Mason’s contempt

zachsire: are you writing stories about Treasure Island Media models? Do you research them, go to their profiles? Why the fixation on Mason?… there’s plenty of people who may or may not be positive, who engage in risky behavior… so, you wrote the story because you wanted to call out Mason for allegedly not disclosing his status to people he allegedly had sex with via his hookup profiles

MarkWilson: Correct, I find that very unbecoming of any person.

Sire then calls Wilson “the hookup profile police” and adds that using Wyler’s hookup profile makes flimsy journalistic “proof” adding that it hardly substantiates Wilson’s claim that Wyler’s spreading disease. Wilson remains defiantly entrenched in his decision.
Mason Wyler HIV Story Ignites Gay Porn Blogger War (Yes, A WAR)
In his own defense, Mason Wyler responded to Wilson’s judgmental moralizing in a blog post called STOP. In it he said:

Since testing positive in May, I have hooked up with a total of three people and they were all HIV positive themselves. Seriously. I have not gone around fucking, barebacking, or infecting HIV negative people. I am a sex fiend. I am NOT a monster. So to the people who are spreading rumors that I have done otherwise, STOP. You are not saving anyone’s life by talking about me so STOP. You can not equate countless hours spent browsing hook-up sites and blogging about my sexual desires online to a wild and irresponsible sex life offline so STOP. You don’t know what I do in my private life so STOP. What you are saying about me could be considered defamatory so STOP. You have already done enough damage so STOP. Seriously. Just STOP.

Hear that, Mr. Wilson? Apparently he did, because today he removed the original post about Wyler and HIV and then wrote a post entitled A Message Regarding The Mason Wyler Post And The Attack By The Sword:

In fact the very day that I was told that Mason Wyler would no longer be doing scenes for because of his test results revealing he was HIV positive, Zack and I both had an instant messenger chat about the story. We both agreed that it was terrible news for Mason. Sire related that he had spoken with Mason over the telephone and had confirmed it with Mason directly. Sires remarked that when the time came for Mason to come forth with this story he would be delighted to present the story on The Sword. Basically, Sire called “dibs” for that story. I thought nothing more of it, only being suspect that Mason would make some off the wall remark and it would be known to everyone in a short while.

I fully agree with the idea that when you come to a junction of disagreement, two people can agree to disagree. Not with Zach Sire, no sir buddy. Zach Sire feels that GayPornGossip was wrong in publishing the story about Mason Wyler Thursday morning. Sire rants that he stands on the premises that I violated Wyler’s right to “privacy”. I however, feel much differently. I felt it was high time to publish this story because of Mason’s overt and covert sexual activity which can clearly be seen if you take a simple educated look at the matter. I might add that later Thursday, Mason Wyler himself related on his own personal blog he was in fact positive…

I stand firm in my belief that when you cross the bridge that Mason has, you don’t light up your sex profile and go out and spread your oats. If anything you take on responsibility for your actions and change your ways – you don’t go-for-broke and press on and see if you can become an even bigger risk taker. You cannot expect me to believe that you are sitting on Adam4Adam looking at pictures or promoting your brand either. There is no need to elaborate more on Mason Wyler nor extend any further evidence that lead to my approval of the post on GayPornGossip

Wilson adds that his network has featured best-selling barebacking content for a while and he’s never commented on it because he’s not a director. But to avoid looking like a hypocrit, “effective, October 1, 2010 my network will no longer host or post any content associated with unsafe sexual practices.” Which makes us wonder whether it will feature cum swallowing.
As we said, we empathize with Mason Wyler. He’s always been a favorite of ours and we took a shine on to his outspoken sexual antics though it has not been without its consequences. We are all responsible for protecting our sexual health. We hope that Wyler is able to work past the controversy surrounding his HIV-status and find whatever medical, psychological, and community support he can. In fact, we’ve already reached out to Wyler for an interview and hope to hear back from him soon. We’ll keep you posted!

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