Corbin Fisher: Eli Fucks Chris – After Hours

Corbin Fisher: Eli Fucks Chris - After Hours

Chris and Eli have a very sexy past together; during the studio’s on-location shoot in California’s wine country, Chris was the subject of Eli’s first ever CorbinFisher action. During that heated session, sparks flew, and the heat between these two hasn’t subsided since!

Corbin Fisher: Eli Fucks Chris - After Hours

Since then, these two have been pleading for a rematch. Although they participated in some group action, it was obvious that Chris desperately wanted to feel Eli’s cock plug his hole once more, and that Eli desperately wanted Chris’ hole to himself so that he could drill and fill it.

These two were the perfect candidates for one of CF’s signature ‘After Hours’ episodes because they are both so horny and into one another. These episodes feature the guys doing what they do best and are where they can truly let loose and lose all restraints. The end result is nothing short of spectacular!

CorbinFisher has a video and more of Chris and Eli.

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