Wreckingball Parody – Bryan Hawn

Wreckingball Parody - Bryan Hawn

Seriously, we’re not quite sure if this is considered a parody cos it’s so damn HAWT!! There’s been no shortage of Miley Cyrus parodies flooding the Interwebs lately, but none this HAWT. Can’t decide which is luckier – the hammer or the exercise ball. No wait, I think the pair of briefs on Bryan wins.
So who is this Bryan Hawn?
According to his official website BryanHawn.com, he’s a Zoologist, a Fitness Icon (being the best-selling health & fitness author of The LIST on Lulu.com), and a Recording Artiste. Not sure why Hottest Butt didn’t get its own tab on the site navigation bar? Haha.

Yep, told ya. An ass-citing spread awaits for you, Sir. Right after the jump.

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Porn News: Adam Killian becomes Creative Director at Lucas Entertainment

Adam Killian named Creative Director at Lucas Entertainment
“Three years ago, I flew to NYC to perform in my first Lucas Entertainment scene, shot on a rooftop terrace in Chelsea and surrounded by views of the New York City skyline. My affection for this city and this company blossomed,” said Adam Killian. Today we learned that versatile and dare we say prolific porn performer Adam Killian is becoming a Creative Director at Lucas Entertainment. His enthusiasm and endurance as performer are pretty dang amazing, so it’ll be interesting to see how he translates that creativity behind the camera.
We can’t wait and congratulations, Adam!

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Meet Steve Grand, the First Openly Gay Male Country Star & His Gay Porn Connection

Ok, maybe “star” is a stretch,” but a new country singer has emerged on the interwebz over the past few days. Steve Grand is a Chicago-based country singer who just recently released a new video for his song “All American Boy.” In the video, Grand falls for a preposterously attractive man, only to have his advances spurned (after some naked swimming and making out, of course). All too relatable, isn’t it?
Along with this video, Grand has also released a quasi-inspirational message (which, admittedly, feels extremely generic). In the statement, Grand says, “I fought with who I was for most of my life. In every way a young person can fight with himself.
But starting today… I’m laying it out there. I’m done playing it safe.” Suspiciously relatable, no?

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Ryan Lochte Manscaping With Gold-Plated Razors

Ryan Lochte Shaving With Gold-Plated Razors
In the latest episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (so bad it’s good), Ryan Lochte reveals that he spends up to 4-5 hours shaving (yes, including the bits that we don’t see). But no, that’s not where the money shot lies. The soundbite that got us jizzin’ our pants is that he uses custom-made gold plated razors which no one else uses. Ryan, that’s cos we use rainbow sugar coated ones.
Smooth chicken thighs and video for your drooling/chuckling pleasure after the jump.

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Madge Lays Into the Boy Scouts, Among Other Things

Earlier this week at the annual GLAAD Awards, Madonna gave a speech in which she honored Anderson Cooper and proved that she’s still as capable of controversy as ever. In the speech, which she presented while wearing a Cub Scout uniform, Madonna took on a variety of topics, including the Boy Scouts, bullying, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and PussyRiot. Plus, let’s be honest, she gave herself quite a few pats on the back in the process.
She finally got around to mentioning Anderson Cooper — to whom she was presenting the Vito Russo Award. She began by saying, “I am here to give an award to someone that I admire, to someone who is brave, to someone who has made a difference in the world by promoting equality and giving a voice to the LGBT community.” And, of course, no speech about Anderson Cooper would be complete without mentioning his eyes and his ass. [Full Video After the Jump]

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Mario Lopez Streaks after Losing Super Bowl Bet

Good news, everyone! Something worthwhile has come from Sunday’s Beyonce Concert…er, I mean Super Bowl. Ultra-hunk Mario Lopez lost a Super Bowl bet to his Extra co-host Maria Menunos. As punishment, he had to run through the streets of LA in nothing but his underwear and a Ravens helmet, as passersby swooned in appreciation. Let’s take a few moments to drool, shall we?
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Glee’s Mark Salling Accused of Forcing Girl to Bareback

Mark Salling, who plays Puck on Glee, is being sued by an ex-girlfriend for allegedly forcing her to have sex without a condom. In the lawsuit, Roxanne Gorzela claims that back in March 2011, the pair began their four-legged frolic (a euphemism for sex that I just made up) and Mark ignored her request to wrap it up. Gorzela claims that he ignored her again when she asked that he pull out and that the TV star finished sans-phrophyliactic.

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James Franco Targets Kink.com in Latest Documentary

Well, folks, James Franco is at it again. In addition to his film Interior. Leather Bar, Franco is producing a documentary about Kink.com, one of the largest purveyors of fetish porn. The film debuts at Sundance next week. Mixed feelings about this documentary are more than justified, but at least he’s hopped off the gay community’s dick for a second.

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Is Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes Moment Really a Coming Out?

2013 appears pretty poised to be the gayest year on record; gayer even than the year Johnny Weir was born (I’m told his afterbirth was mostly sequins). By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes. Equal parts heartwarming and weird, Jodie alludes to several things in her speech, including her sexuality, her long-term relationship with ex-partner Cydney Bernard, and her plans to retire from acting (which she now vehemently denies, by the way).

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2013 Cybersocket Web Awards: Winning Best Gay Porn Blog

2013 Best Porn Blog winner - QueerClick!
I am just rolling back from a week in Los Angeles and am so happy and grateful to share the news of our unexpected, but wonderfully sweet win as your choice for 2013 Best Gay Porn Blog! Yippee!
I say it was unexpected because we gratefully won in the past, but hadn’t in the past several years (and that was after some pretty heavy begging and campaigning on Twitter and Facebook)! This year we took a different approach. Sure we mentioned the nominations and voting had started, but we didn’t push hard. We love our fans and we know you love us back. And while it’s great to win awards, we decided we wouldn’t be heart-broken if someone else deservedly won.
So there I was standing in, representing the entire QueerClick team and as the ever-wonderful Jackie Beat called out the nominees for Best Gay Porn Blog and I heard a fan say to their companion “I hope QueerClick wins.” It was a very Sally Field moment.
That comment alone meant the world to me. They had no idea who I was, as I grinned and felt so proud to be there for entire QueerClick gang. And I’ll admit it tugged at my emotions as I walked onstage to accept. In my nervousness, I could only muster a very sincere and very simple, “Thank you all who voted for us so very much.” To which Jackie said, “Wow! That’s it from a blogger? I might have to go visit your blog!”

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Porn Break: Pop Break

Was it a good year for pop? In “Pop Danthology 2012” we get a huge mashup of 50 over pop anthems. What is YOUR song of 2012?

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British Musical Star Craig Chalmers Got Axed From His Role on “Cinderella” After His Porn Past Was Revealed!

British Musical Star Craig Chalmers Got Axed From His Role on
With an angel voice and a devilish body, Craig Chalmers was poised to make it big. A former contestant in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Any Dream Will Do for the BBC, he paved his mainstream career with british productions like the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.
But when word of his porn career got out, where he was known as Ryan Ryder, he deflected the criticisms with an odd move. His defense? “I took up porn roles to spend more time with my wife“. That’s right, the whole -I’m gonna fuck people on camera to get the afternoons free for wifey and no one will notice- plan seems to have worked like a charm. One tiny detail, when your face is on national telly chances are that your past will come back to haunt you. And oh boy, past came in full force, costing him his recently role in Cinderella. Maybe it wasn’t his face what gave him away but the same shiny gray suit he used while singing on stage AND in a now infamous porn vid he did.
Be warned, sex with a chick on the porn video after the jump!

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English Lads’ Callum Stuart on The Apprentice UK

English Lads' Callum Stuart on The Apprentice UK Series 7 Episode 4
BBC’s The Apprentice has very little cross over with our little Rainbow Island. Let’s give it a count:

1. 2007: Lohit Kalburgi is the first openly gay UK Apprentice candidate.
2. 2009: In a rebranding exercise, one team decided to promote the seaside resort of Margate as a gay resort. The team lost. Oops…
3. 2012: Finalist Nick Holzherr is the show’s (first?) gay icon who has found himself receiving a present from a gay fan — one stylish and trendy, and hopefully unused, Calvin Klein boxers worth £50.

What, only three instances? Well, today you’re in for a treat as we find one more to add to the list. Presenting English Lad’s Callum Stuart. Details of his appearance after the jump.

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Porn Break: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loves Magic Mike

Joseph Gordon-Levitt SNL Striptease Collage
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proven himself to be a versatile and awesome uprising actor. He can sing, play musical instruments, and at the latest Saturday Night Life, he showcased his dancing and gyrating skills. Whoo~! Someone bring us a bucket of ice water before we overheat!
And oh boy, is Joseph in great shape! Loads of GIF animation and the full SNL monologue for your viewing pleasure right after the jump!

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