(More) Colin Farrell’s Cock Shots + Video Download Links

Colin Farrell's Cock Shots
Here you go. Sssshhh. Keep your volume down ‘cos we don’t want someone to find out.
Note: This Entry will self destroy in exactly XXX hours.
More Colin Farrell cockshots!
We found some more. And thanks to QC reader Jay, we have a short video clip of someone viewing the clip on their monitor (haha!). If anyone locates the full length clip, give us a shoutout immediately!
Okay guys, here’s the link to the full video. It’s hosted on MegaLoad and we’re not sure how long it’s going to stay up. Better hurry. It’s experiencing very heavy traffic now so the download keeps timing out, even on a Premium account. Good luck!
(Thanks Jaymes! Thanks Pippo!)
We’ve just viewed the entire video. It runs at slightly more than 13 minutes and quality is fair but the colours are dull. Colin’s pretty average sized and you get a good view of his hard tool when he’s drilling Nicole. He can’t stop saying how “fuckin’ hot” and “fuckin’ beautiful” Nic is, and when Nic went down on him, some pubes got caught in her mouth! To which Colin replied “whatever Princess wants, Princess gets.” And then some more pubes got caught…and he said “you’re fishing for every fuckin’ pube I have….by the end of this morning you’re going to shave me!”
oh, there’s no cum shot by the way.
Here’s another link (103.67MB in size and via YouSendIt!) which should work fine. Hurry! Link expires.

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