QC’s Weekly BitchFest 2006!

QC BitchFest 2006
Welcome to QueerClicks new WEEKLY edition called BitchFest 2006!! It appears so many of you have so much stuff you need to get off your chest with a sounding board. So here is your chance. Each week QC will give you a topic or theme and you can sound off about it all you want. We want to hear your gripes, complaints and sounding off about your life, but we do ask you follow these simple guidelines:
I. Stick to the Theme/Topic
II. DO NOT bash others for their sounding off.
III. Leave comments and bitches in the COMMENT SECTION.
Here is this weeks topic: Tom Cruise
I’ll be happy to start this QC BitchFest.
I think you are the biggest fake to hit the big screen since Rosie O once said she was straight and Star Jones claimed she lost weight by dieting. Get your lunacy under control or seek help you fackin moron. Your latest movie should be called MI:III Tom Cruise Gets A Clue.


17 May 06 By docfeel 16 Comments