Bruno & Steve: A Porn Star Romance

Bruno & Steve: A Porn Star Romance
Valentine’s Day is coming up and so we thought we’d share a heart-warming (and hole-moistening) story of two porn stars in love. No, not The Jarics and not Brent Everett and Tyler Saint. We mean a more recent coupling of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. On his blog, Steve Cruz interviewed his boyfriend, Raging Stallion exclusive, Bruno Bond about how he got his start in porn and how it involved Mr. Cruz:

Bruno: It all started with Myspace. I sent you a friend request and you responded with a note that said something about making room in your king size bed for me. That began a correspondence that we had going on for several months. Later I sent a friend request to Chi Chi LaRue who sent a note back that said “yummy pic!”. This put an idea in my head that if these two porn icons were interested then maybe I would have a chance in the business. I had been working out pretty hardcore for a couple of years and wanted to celebrate my hard work.

Later on, Steve added his two cents on how the lovers met:

Steve: … although I discovered him on MySpace in March of 2008… I was one of many porn guys along the way Bruno was chatting with… sometimes when you’re in love you get consumed by it. If you know me, you know I am always grateful for the help we get along the way… fans, press, agents… have faith that we are both grateful for everyone’s help along the way that played a part in our connection, most of all I am grateful to anyone that steered him closer to me. Now that he’s in my life I feel a renewed sense of peace.

If the sweetness is too much for you to take, look after the jump for Steve and Cruz talking together about the men Bruno would like to fool around with…
Thanks to FariviewSue for the lover’s pics.

Steve: OK, let’s change gears and talk about sex. A subject were both pretty familiar with. I have to stop a minute and share with readers (those who don’t know) that Bruno here is my boyfriend. We fell in love just after the filming of Red Light and were happy in a committed relationship. So its a curious thing to interview your significant other on the subject of sex… especially the next question I am about to ask. So Bruno, Besides me (who you get whenever you want) who is on your hot list of guys to work with… or play with?

Bruno: Really you keep me harder than any one I have ever been around 🙂

Steve: I swear I didn’t bribe him to say that…

Bruno: LOL! We are still pretty new in our relationship and it is kind of strange to be thinking about sex with other men. But, you know that I am a horny guy and it is part of the reason that I got into porn in the first place. You are an unexpected bonus! I like fucking cute younger guys (like Pistol Pete, Josh Hart) or and being dominated by big daddies (like Arpad Miklos, Tom Chase) and everything in between (Francois Sagat, Vince Ferelli, Scott Tanner) . I have always been attracted to a personality type more than a physical type. I like asertive, strong men that are passionate and really into sex. Fortunately, I have been meeting a lot of them in this business!

You can also check out Bruno Bond’s blog here.


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