Chris “6 Gauge” Kummer From VH1’s Daisy Of Love In Playgirl Jerk-Off Video

Chris 6 Gauge Kummer From VH1's Daisy Of Love< In Playgirl Jerk-Off Video
We’ve got something to admit. Did you ever watch, VH1’s reality show, Daisy of Love? We actually really, really liked it. And the most beautiful man on that show was our dream guardian, Chris “6 Gauge” Kummer. Kummer came riding into our hearts with his “insane” “in-your-faceness” that is the “6 guage” style. We always wished he got naked more often on the show, maybe… y’know… rocked out with his cock out a little more? Like 20% more.
He was once a stripper, y’know? No joke. And he also has a pierced cock and did a JO vid for Playgirl where he stuck his cock in a tube or something…. oh yeah. Totally hawt. IN-SANE! And my emo-stars also said he’s also a rock-star. TOTAL ROCK STARRRRR!!!!!! Like 3 Doors Down BIG. Don’t believe me? Check out his band’s MySpage*. (MySpage is a word, it means MySpace page) His music has changed worlds and minds. For real. I bet you haven’t even ever dreamed of doing that; not even in your most insane rockstar dreamz.
Tabloid Prodigy had the metallic balls to carry a second-hand interview from this INTERGALACTIC ROCK-GOD SUPERSONGSTER!!! talking about his totally taboo strip career.

I don’t spend time with my clients outside the club in a sexual manner or for sexual favors. If I might go shopping because I need a new outfit, or I need a new car or a new cell phone, if they want to buy me dinner or give me a couple hundred bucks or they want to take me to a public outing and give me money for it, fine. But there’s nothing sexual, period. These chicks are just fat, they’re looking for attention, whatever the case may be. They’re wanting that emotion, but guys just want that one b***j***. They’re like, “Give me five minutes of your time.” They’ll give you $300 or $400 bucks, and they’re out the door.

VH1: Sex or no sex, it does seem like what you’re saying is there is a fine line between male strippers and escorts, right?


How did you get into stripping?

It was a flat-out dare. My buddy was stripping and he was like ‘Man, just give it a try.’ And I gave it a try and I went from making $600-700 a week bartending to making $2,500 a week. And I don’t have a six pack or a two pack or a four pack. It was all about personality and having fun and I’m all about entertaining. I enjoy entertaining because I’m a singer in a band and I love to entertain and I love to keep people smiling.

Do you go totally nude when you strip?

No, no I don’t go totally nude. But I have been in Playgirl.

When was that?

2008. I was actually supposed to be on the cover and I think the magazine actually went bankrupt, but it was online. I don’t know if I still am, but hopefully not. But if I am, who cares? I have a big hog and I got a piercing, that’s what matters.

On what housemates had to say about his pierced member:

It was a conversation piece from day one, of course. I would go around the house and cling it on s***, like, “Ding ding ding! Everybody it’s time to eat!” Or I’d just run around the house and do stupid s*** and just beat it on stuff. I think one day I was walking around and was like, “Hey y’all it’s time to get up! Ding ding ding ding!” with my d*** and they’re like, “Dude what the f***? Dude that’s freakin’ huge! Oh my god!”  So they just happened to see it in passing. It wasn’t like they were like, “Dude, I wanna see it,” or that kinda s***.  But everybody in the house at that point had already seen it.  I mean, I woke up many a times naked and ran through the house.

Yes, yes…
*they do the most amazing cover of Duran Duran’s “Come Undone” ever ever ever. It’ll be a testament to our extreme times.


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