YouTube Porn: Naked Dancing Pirate!

Porn: Naked Dancing Pirate!
[Update: The traffic sent from QC must have grabbed the attention of the moderators at YouTube as the video is pulled! Fortunately, we’ve archived the video safely. View away QueerClickers!]
Ahoy, matey! Seamen are constantly horny, you know, put a bunch of dudes on a boat with no shores on sight for a couple of months and craziness will surely ensue. And Aleksandr Pistoletov pays homage to that with this Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired YouTube ode shaking his penis the whole time, he even does the windmill!
What it makes this video oddly disturbing, or absolutely brilliant, who knows it’s hard to tell, is that the clip he selected to roll behind him with the Kraken battle of the movie, make things, for a second, seem to head into tentacle porn territory but we’re glad to report that at the end things arrive to safe port… So to speak.
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Porn: Naked Dancing Pirate!
We have unearthed another gem, a Hamster vid, but instead of pirates he went straight for a Siren lying on a couch.
Porn: Naked Dancing Pirate!


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