Sebastian Kehl Dick Slip/Flip/Flop

Sebastian Kehl's dick flip!
Heaven is indeed a place on earth! Or rather, on the soccer field! German soccer heart throb Sebastian Kehl recently dangled his dick (a bratwurst literally!) when an opponent player accidentally (or was it not?) grabbed his shorts…and…THANK YOU VERY MUCHIES!
We’ve seen the video clip, and particularly enjoyed the very befitting background muzak, as well as how Sebastian shrugged his shoulders and threw a WTF look at the opponent (thank you once again, a bouquet of flowers is on the way!) when he realised that cool draft over his very private (until now) parts.
If you’d excuse us, we now have to add simmering ale to our bratwurst and blend it till it’s smooth and thick. What a hot weekend!
(Image source: Sexy Soccer; via Ooh La La & FMF)
Sebastien Kehl loves his friend
We’re not done with our German sausages yet. But we found this and it’s too sweet not to post.

Aug 06, 2005 By Editor D 7 Comments