Super-Stud-Sunday Part II: Will Toale – The New Aquaman

Will Toale as Aquaman
Ok, just so I don’t get too much of a reputation as a Superman freak – which I’m cool with, by the way, I’ve been called worse things – I had the sudden urge to throw together a second Super Sunday posting!
This time around, as you can see, we are heading deep under the sea to discover the new Aquaman.
It’s reported that the WB, which is the host network for the hit show Smallville, is starting work on a new show based on the hot, blond, super sea-stud. Filming begins in February for a Fall 2006 release, and it appears that poor Alan Ritchson, who starred as Aqua on Smallville, will not be starring in the series, instead it will be newcomer Will Toale.
Will stands at 6’2″ and weighs in at a lean 177lbs. Born in Sarasota, FL, he has been told he resembles Matt Damon. I can see that in his smile and his eyes. Can’t you?
Tan, muscular, and handsome – it looks like they did a pretty good job finding the right stud to play the part of Aquaman. No?

Jan 16, 2006 By Editor D 4 Comments