Queer Comic Fantasy – 300 Cocks

300 Cocks
Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions and fantasies! We now have a bagful of wild ideas to work on. We ran with Mikeyd‘s idea this week and the result is “300 Cocks”! Alright, there’s only one thick Spartan Cock here… but beware of it… cos tonight, we may DINE IN HELL and get DRENCHED IN 300 GALLONS OF CUMMMMMM!!!! Those perfect Spartan gooseballs… imagine what swirls within … waiting to be unleashed onto the enemies.
We’ve created a new category called QC Art to house all the original creations under one roof. Will you guys be interested in having wallpapers? Let us know cos we don’t want to create them if they’re not going to be adorning your desktops.
Keep those fantasies coming in!

Apr 12, 2007 By Editor D 17 Comments