BREAKING: Michael Lucas Has Brent Corrigan’s Boyfriend Arrested For Threats Made After GayVN Awards

You may have heard that last night at the GayVN Awards that Lucas Entertainment President, Michael Lucas, rushed the stage to tell the audience “shame on you” for awarding Brent Corrigan, someone who put the industry at risk (so says Lucas) by shooting porn before he was of age. It seems like usual Michael Lucas “look at me!” press whoredom, designed to steal the spotlight from Brent and give himself some press. After all, far from “endangering the industry,” only Cobra Films and Corrigan would have to answer for their crimes. Gay porn has a seedy image worldwide and Corrigan’s underage flouting of the law seems but a single log thrown onto the already raging anti-porn bonfire. But Brent’s illegal modeling and Lucas’ outburst are only half the story.
According to a Michael Lucas press release issued today, the porn mogul may have made himself some enemies in the process as Corrigan’s boyfriend threatened him afterwards, resulting in his arrest early this morning:

There is nothing new about my campaign against the honoring of Brent Corrigan. I took to the stage to speak out against nominating him, which was made very timely after for the ASACP was recognized for their child protection. In my speech, I said shame on those who nominated and awarded Corrigan. There should be no forgiveness for the companies and individual who put the industry in danger.

Let me make it clear right away that I have no personal vendetta against Brent—I’ve never even spoke to him. My purpose is to protect this industry fromjuveniles and set the standard rule for not accepting the risk they put us allin. We can not forget the crimes he committed because they are in the past. He is of age now—I get that but he could have put a lot of people in jail for hiscrimes to get where he is now. We can not let this precedent stand as a protocol for young boys looking to follow in his path.

During my call to action Corrigan’s boyfriend rushed to the stage and started yelling insanely at me to get off the microphone. As I was leaving the theatre, several people were warning me to watch my back, as some overheard Corrigan’s boyfriend making threats to my address. Among all the scattered lunacy, people were saying THANK YOU for having the courage to say what I did. I didn’t see my statement as too heroic at that point. I simply exercised my right of free speech and I strongly believe in the importance ofmy message. The adult industry shouldn’t award models who work when they’re underage and forge their identification.

Conversely, and apparent in this occasion, speaking your mind can be dangerous. At the after party, Corrigan’s boyfriend came up to me and bumped his chest against mine. I do not know the boyfriend’s name but I know that it’s not his ex Grant Roy. This guy was a buff Latin male that appears to be in his thirties. He then threatened that he was
going to kill me and demand that we leave the club together immediately so that he could break my neck. The club’s security swiftly came and separated him; he came back and told me that he will splash acid into my face, “which will be the end of your career.” I called the police immediately when I reached the hotel and recalled to them what happened. The cops went to Corrigan’s room, but the couple was still out partying elsewhere.

I called the police at 7:00 am, San Francisco time, as soon as I found out that they were back in their room (I simply called the room and Corrigan pickedup the phone). The police were there within ten minutes. They talked to Corrigan and his boyfriend for about twenty minutes, and then handcuffed the boyfriend and took him into custody.

Corrigan has a history of choosing violent boyfriends.During a 12-hour cross examination at the Kocis murder trial, Grant Roy, admitted to saying several times, he wanted to kill Kocis. So now, the new boyfriend was threatening to kill me. There’s a certain pattern here. I was really impressed by the work of the police department. They were very professional and very polite. They were extremely concerned and worked fast and effectively. They asked me if I would be willing to fly to California in the case of a trial, and I said absolutely, as I don’t take threats to my life very cavalier.

I’ve written about it and spoken about it for years, and I’m not about to stop any time soon. I think Mickey Skee asked me about the point of forgiveness for Corrigan. Not in my case, as I’m a producer and a company owner. It’s my nightmare to have an underage performer with fictitious identification working for me. Does anyone want to go to jail for a defiant and impatient juvenile? I certainly don’t, no matter how adorable the boy is. We should be protecting youth and protecting ourselves. There is no performer who is worth losing freedom for. Let’s be strong in our dedication to take the cliché out of porn being an underground and dangerous business, which uses and abuses minors.

Also, whoever witnessed the threats and said events at the party, please contact me. I have witnesses now, but it’s always great to have more.

We’ll be reporting more as the story unfolds…

Mar 30, 2009 By paperbagwriter 28 Comments