Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears Has A Rentboy Profile!

Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears Has A Rentboy Profile! is not just an ideal place for anti-gay whack jobs to find luggage handlers, it’s also an ideal place for Scissor Sister’s Jake Shears to hock hios band’s new album, Nightwork. The band has apparently been shooting fake dollar bills out of a confetti cannon during their concerts. The bills say “Make Some Cash, Fuck the Rich” and have the web address to, a URL that leads to Shears’ Rentboy profile.
On the profile, he lists his talents as stripping and gogo dancing and charges $11.99 (presumably the cost of the album that comes out on June 28th). He also says, “”I am down to earth, have TONS of energy and will make you sweat all night long.” Of course, Jake already made us sweat with his magazine spreads last month. But if he’s selling, we’re buying!

Jun 18, 2010 By paperbagwriter 1 Comment