Michael Hoffman Leaked Jack Off Videos

Michael Hoffman Leaked Jack Off Videos
Bodybuilder and Selfie Extraordinaire Michael Hoffman is the object of many people’s lust and affection. He’s gifted and he knows it. Planet Unicorn has been set ablaze over the last 48 hours as not one, not two, but THREE of Michael’s X-rated videos have leaked.
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Update: His response video has been removed from his YouTube channel. Good thing we saved a copy!
In summary:

  • He’s not gay (even when those videos may make him look that way).
  • He respects gay people but he is straight. Not gay.
  • He did this because he needed the money (making personal videos for various interested parties).
  • He made over $10,000 doing the videos (over a period of two years).
  • He was naive about it thinking it won’t get online.
  • He doesn’t know who leaked the videos.
  • He knows he can’t do anything about it.
  • It’s humiliating and embarrassing and he couldn’t go around without people looking at him weird and people talking about it.
  • We can think what we want.

But what really caught our attention was when he confessed that these were but “a few of the many videos” he has made over the past two years. Does that mean more will be leaked? We wait with bated breath.
We love how Michael is handling this entire saga. He’s not hiding. He owns up. In the near future, leaked videos of sexual nature will be a common sight. Everyone should take a leaf off Hoffman’s playbook. Heck, if I was as hot as Michael, I wouldn’t mind if my videos got leaked!
And as evidence that he’s fast moving past this episode he’s already posted his first flexing video in the last hour. Way to make a comeback, Hoffman!

Flexing. And already back in business. Under the video he lists his email address where you can contact him for business offers. We’re seriously thinking of getting in touch with some offers.
Hoffman said he will continue flexing or maybe start dabbling into acting and “stuff”, and that he doesn’t really care what we think anymore. But we think he should know how we feel! Now that we’ve seen the rest of him and our fantasy is complete, we reckon he could be the next BIG thang in our gay porn business. That’s what “stuff” can be, Michael! We want more of your “stuff!”

Leaked Video 1: Michael Hoffman’s Bubble Butt

Leaked Video 2: Where he ejaculates onto his hand and laps up his own semen. Watch out for that exquisite move where he plunges his thumb into his mouth. That’s quite literally the money shot of this entire affair.

Leaked Video 3: And finally, probably the best video of the lot which you’d enjoy most, with full resplendent view of him choking his impressive dong.
You can still find Michael on YouTube. Michael has made known that all his other social media accounts except for YouTube have been removed. So all other accounts you see of him are not authentic and do not belong to him. All previous flexing videos have been removed and replaced with his response video + a new flexing video which just got posted an hour ago at this point of writing). He can also be found on Tumblr.
What do you guys think? Does our guy have what it takes to venture into commercial porn? Does this make it more of a natural next step since his videos have leaked? Would you like to see more of him? Chime in in our comments section.
We saved you the trouble and packed everything (images + videos) you’d want in a nice Ziploc bag. You’re welcome.

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