Here’s a Pride Month Fundraiser from SayUncle You Might Want to Check Out!

Here's a Pride Month Fundraiser from SayUncle You Might Want to Check Out!

Want to see how you can help out with the community this Pride Month while enjoying yourself? SayUncle would want you to look into this!

Corporations might just slap the rainbow colors on their logos but nothing compares to supporting queer creators for a meaningful Pride Month. Check out what our friends from SayUncle has to offer.

Pride Month has arrived and SayUncle is sharing its love for the community by giving back. They’re giving back to a charity within the community to show love and support. The LA LGBT Center will be the recipient of a cash donation at the end of the month, provided by SayUncle.

Here's a Pride Month Fundraiser from SayUncle You Might Want to Check Out!

With the help from you, the creators of SayUncle are hoping to beat last year’s contribution and more. The LA LGBT Center provides various humanitarian services to the LBGTQ community, not only locally, but internationally as well.

Donations from SayUncle will be used to help those in need and the many members of the LGBTQ community struggling. Every dollar that’s raised for LA LGBT’s CARE (Community Action Response Effort) Fund will immediately help those in need of healthcare and other humanitarian assistance such as food, financial assistance, shelter, and so much more.

“Every year we look forward to celebrating Pride and all those who have fought against the injustices we’ve faced. While the pandemic is gratefully coming to a close, we have so much to do to help members of our community in need. At SayUncle, we’re happy and grateful to be able to give back in order to show our love and financial support for the LA LGBT Foundation and the rest of those in need throughout our community,” said Golden, SayUncle’s Chief Creative Officer.

Here’s what is doing to give back to the LGBTQ community the whole month of June. For each monthly subscription sold, $5 will be donated to LA LGBTs CARE Fund. Each annual subscription purchased during the month of June will result in a $25 donation being made to the cause. Show your support by visiting the official SayUncle Pride page for more information.

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