ChaosMen: Jack Hunter

ChaosMen: Jack Hunter

At first glance, Jack Hunter is just another quiet boy from Kentucky … but don’t let his soft voice fool you. Jack loves to bottom, get fisted, and suck cock. But he also has an enormous cock tucked away inside his shorts.

He starts the video with a casual interview, giving us some insight into how he came into the business and his likes/dislikes.

ChaosMen: Jack Hunter

Jack takes off his shorts to reveal his long, fat, cut cock. You wouldn’t think this guy would be packin’ so much, but the proof is right before your eyes.

Jack strokes his dick, plays with his balls, and pinches his nipples, all while occasionally making eye contact with you through the lens.

After all the buildup, Jack shoots an impressive load all over himself and the white faux-fur blanket he’s sitting on.

See more of Jack at ChaosMen.

Aug 23, 2021 By Jo 3 Comments

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