Ask QC: Tips and Advice for my first Pride Event


Dear Ask QC,

Hi, I’m just 18 earlier this year and going to attend my first Gay Pride event in the city next weekend. I live in Europe in a small rural town about 30km’s (20 miles) from the city – I’m not out to my friends or family so will be traveling and attending the event alone.

Can you guys share any tips or advice for my situation, I’m excited but also a bit scared… I’ve wanted to attend a Gay Pride event for the longest time and I now have this opportunity, but because I’ve only ever lived closeted in a small isolated town I feel a bit intimidated and anxious about this.

I realise I have to step out of my comfort zone if I am going to meet new people and make gay friends but I really feel the time is right now to try this.

Any help would be really appreciated- thanks!


Hi Ray and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Attending your first LGBTQ+ event can be wonderful and liberating, being surrounded with like minded people and all the fun and entertainment that goes with it too. Remember that Pride is also a political protest event too, so there is a serious side to why we need to hold these events. As you are traveling into the city alone, I would suggest you contact one the cities local LGBTQ+ support groups and ask if you can join them. They will be more than welcoming and this should also help you feel safe. Talking of safe, if you get up to some fun then play safe too! Even though you aren’t telling your friends or family which event you are attending, do let someone know your whereabouts and stay in contact with them – stay safe and enjoy!

So dear QC readers, what advice would you give Ray? Do you remember your first Pride event and what advice would you offer? Please share your thoughts, advice and own experiences in the QComments section below!

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Jun 24, 2024 By Tim Write a comment!