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Stefan Postma Sex Video
Stefan Postma (born June 10, 1976 in Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a Dutch footballer and goalkeeper who currently plays for ADO Den Haag.
In 2005, an English ex-girlfriend of Postma’s offered for sale on eBay a tape of their sexual activities, claiming in tabloid articles that these were bizarre and kinky. Postma out-bid a British newspaper for the tape, and all was thought to be ended. However, in October 2006 the tape was released on a number of Dutch websites, one of which took 40,000 hits in one hour and as a result fell over. The clip later featured on Dutch national television news coverage, but was criticised due to its perceived hardcore content.
In his illustrious career he used to keep goal for As(s)ton Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers in the UK.
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