UPDATE: Mason Wyler Beaten And Raped

Our Mason...

NOTE: WHAT FOLLOWS MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME READERS. This is not a fetish post nor is it a joke. QC editors will not tolerate any hateful or insensitive comments on this post and will continue to report as the story develops.

According to his personal and MySpace blogs, popular porn star, Mason Wyler, was the victim of a brutal assault and rape this past weekend. Mason’s account of the attack (available after the jump) says that he was held down with belts, duct tape and power cords, strangled, suffocated, held at gun point, drugged, pissed on, inseminated, and forcefully penetrated with a broomstick.

Only a few other gay blogs have commented on this story just yet. According to The Gays of Daytime, “A couple of weeks ago, Wyler had posted what has been described as a ‘rape fantasy’ on his blog, which has led some to question the validity of his current entries. However, Wyler has posted some photos on his blog, apparently taken after the attack, which seem to indicate that there was no fantasy involved this time… there are people out there who think that because Mason is an aggressive power bottom in his movies and has stated himself that he’s somewhat of a ‘whore’, he has deserved this or even asked for it. Rape is a serious crime and no matter the choices in your personal and professional life, there is nothing you can do that makes you ‘deserve’ it.”

No major news outlet has yet covered the story, possibly because of an ongoing investigation or the extreme nature of it’s content. But we believe the situation, no matter the emerging or uncertain details, deserves coverage. Mason has been on our site many times and we stand among his many supporters. Rape, especially among men is a reality that often gets written off as something that only happens in prisons or the occasional fraternity. It takes a great deal of courage to speak out as a victim. Open, honest coverage followed by a thoughtful discussion humanizes porn stars, sexual minorities, and rape victims and can lead to more public discourse, criminal prosecution, and possibly even community action. No matter the circumstances, he did not deserve this.

Mason’s recount and his personal photos taken after the brutal attack (both posted on his blog) are after the jump.

UPDATE 10/8: After Mr. Wyler posted a police report on his website, QueerClick attempted to get in contact with Mr. Wyler for his side of the story. We were unable to, so we posted an update with evidence that the police report was forged.
We have taken that update down after speaking with Mr. Wyler via telephone. In our conversation with him, Mr. Wyler told QueerClick he faked certain aspects of his story, including the police report posted on his website, to protect other parties involved in the incident.
Mr. Wyler provided his proper case number, his legal name and the full details around the incident. QueerClick is attempting to verify Mr. Wyler’s story with the proper authorities and will update this post again when we are able to.
From our conversations with him, we understand why he faked certain information, however we do not believe he did so in his best interest. If he is going to be only telling partial truths, and partial fabrications, and then only reveal a bit more each time someone catches a discrepancy, then that is not full disclosure, or being truthful. We wish he would have given very little information in the first place—all of this wouldn’t have been an issue.
We wish Mr. Wyler a full recovery. We want to see him get back to making porn very soon.

UPDATE 10/8: We’re closing the book on this post. There’s so much disinformation on the internet right now that it’s impossible to know what is truth and what is not. Mr. Wyler has provided QC with the alleged correct police report, but that report doesn’t have his name nor date of birth, so we can’t verify the authenticity. We’ll let you chose what you believe.
We’ll leave you with two links: Mr. Wyler’s The Closing Statement and GayVN’s article which describes Mr. Wyler’s third version of the story.

UPDATE 10/9: This story won’t die. Mason Wyler has asked us to call the police department to verify the incident report. The police department records office will not divulge information on the case and directed us to call the investigating detective. We were able to reach the investigating officer’s voicemail, but haven’t received a callback.
Meanwhile, Mr. Wyler has posted another update to his Myspace blog written in the voice of two South Park prostitutes:

Daphne: GURL! Did you hear what I just heard?
Juanita: What’d tchu hear chica?
Daphne: You know that porn slut Mason Wyler? Well he just went and got himself raped.
Juanita: Oh no he didn’t.
Daphne: Oh yes he dids.
Juanita: I reads his story all over the internets, Chica and his story just don’t add up.
Daphne: Bitch please, we both know your 24 year old ass cants read.
Juanita: Uh huh Chica, you wrong, my 12 year old son 99 Cent Special taught me how last year.
Daphne: Yeah well I don’t think anybody knows the full story except for Mason and whoever he is accusing. I mean, maybe he wanted to mix a bit of fact and fiction, writers have been known to do that as a way of slow release.
Juanita: Since when did your hooker ass become little miss psychologist? That puta is such a dirty slut he probably dreamed it up and thought it was real. He writes about it all the time.
Daphne: No he doesn’t.
Juanita: Oh yes he does, I just fingered my twat last night reading one of his stories. But I won’t do it anymore, not after this. He’s disgraced all of the working gurls who have been raped before, as if it wasn’t hard enough to get the po po to believe us before.
Daphne: OK miss street walkin CSI, I’m soooo sure you’re right about how rape victims would never try to change or hide details of their story when they first try opening up and telling people about it.
Juanita: I am sure Chica, if you’re gonna talk about it why lie?
Daphne: And how many times have you been raped?
Juanita: Zero.
Daphne: Exactly gurl. And even if you had been, wouldn’t mean you know the truth in Mason’s case.
Juanita: Don’t be so stupid chica, the stupid whore just wants the attention… maybe he isn’t getting enough dick during his night shift anymore. Or maybe he had one enormous pinga go all the way up in him and poke his brain, gave him brain damage, tchu know.
Daphne: GURL… you know that ain’t right. No dick is THAT big.
Juanita: Whatever, I had a trick last night that had a pinga as big as a pringles can, I charged him double and got double the fun.
Daphne: You must be loose hoe.
Juanita: Not as loose as Mason’s ass.
Daphne: Thats wrong gurl. He just got raped.
Juanita: Oh no he didn’t!
Daphne: Oh yes he did!

We’ll update this post when we hear back from the investigating officer.

Dear God, no...

Here’s Wyler’s initial blog entry, written as a sort of third person news article:

Rape Reality
By Mason Wyler
October 6, 2008
Promiscuous veteran gay porn model claims
decorated Iraq War Army captain brutally
raped and tortured him with fellow soldiers.

HOUSTON, Texas – Houston Police arrested a 28-year old Army Captain Sunday in connection with a West Houston home invasion from a previous night during which the intruders allegedly raped a man at gunpoint.
Danny Vanarro (not his real name), an Army Captain who served in Iraq, was charged with home invasion, robbery with a firearm, and sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported.
According to a police statement the victim, aged 24, is a sex worker in the gay porn industry known as Mason Wyler. The statement reports that Wyler lost his wallet the night before at a local bar which was eventually found and returned by the Army Captain.
Upon entry of the victim’s residence, Vanarro asked Wyler for the reward that was advertised Wyler’s MySpace online page. Wyler then gave Vanarro a kiss on the mouth. The accused immediately grabbed Wyler by the neck, dragged him into the kitchen, and demanded money for the return of the wallet. Wyler told the aggressor that he didn’t have any cash on him but would go to an ATM and withdraw some. Vanarro became agitated by his response and punched Wyler in the face, knocking him unconscious for a few moments.
Thats when Vanarro pulled out a M9 Pistol and reportedly threatened Wyler’s life. The accused then began punching and kicking the victim while he was crying on the ground, police said.
The adult film star was also forced to take off all his clothes and perform oral sex on the Army Captain. Eventually Wyler was immobilized, gagged, and blindfolded with belts and duct tape. Through out the whole ordeal Vanarro supposedly sodomized the victim repeatedly with a broom stick, anally and orally raped the victim while strangling him with a power cord, made the 24-year old drink urine, and brutally beat him.
Wyler also claims that Vanarro inserted the illicit drug GHB into the victims anus to subdue him which left his memory of the incident hazy. The drug test came back positive.
After a few hours Vanarro made a call to invite over some accomplices. AT&T wireless is working with the Harris County Sheriff’s office to retrieve Vanarro’s call records for the night.
Wyler was then taken into the bedroom, where he was sexually assaulted by at least two other attackers. There identities are still unknown.
After the rapes, the alleged perpetrators went into the bathroom to shower while the victim managed to untie himself and escape to a nearby home, where the occupants called 911. The accused were able to get away before police arrived on the scene but ironically investigators found that Vanarro had left his own wallet behind.
Wyler was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, where a sexual assault exam was performed. His clothing was collected and was processed at the Sheriff’s Office DNA lab.
The Sheriff’s Office sent the material for DNA tests to the Houston PD Crime Lab.
DNA test results from the semen samples collected from the inside of Wyler’s anal canal and rectum confirmed that there were at least three different assailants although most of the genetic fluid was from Vanarro.
After results came back with a match for Vanarro, a judge ordered that he be detained at the Harris County Jail with bail set at $15,000.
“There’s a good chance he’ll be charged as a civilian because the nature of the crime warrants consideration to be charged as a civilian,” Chief Assistant State Attorney Jason Ashberry said.
“The case won’t be about proving that Mr. Vanarro had anal intercourse with Mr. Wyler, the DNA tests speak for themselves, the case will ultimately be about whether or not it was consensual sex or rape”, he added.
Vanarro, if convicted, is facing a mandatory 10-year sentence and up to life in prison.
Captain Danny Vanarro hasn’t answered any questions from reporters and only had this to say, “He was begging for it.”

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