Is Michael Stipe On

Is Michael Stipe On
We have it on very good authority that openly gay R.E.M. frontman, Michael Stipe, is a ripe bitch when it comes to dating. Lucky for the high-maintenance diva, he’s found love in the arms of Thomas Dozol, a young Francophile photographer who forms one-half of their Isherwood-Bachardyesque coupling. Dozol’s Brooklyn hipster vibe and Stipe’s art daddy style make them an attractive couple.
So while you were preparing to grill cheeseburgers with your mom on the Fourth of July, Stipe and Dozol apparently logged into around 10am and posted some cheeky bathroom shots with an unknown third. Did they invite a cute friend over for an impromptu art project or is their “friend,” in fact, A HOOKER!!!!1!!!! brought over for some indoor fireworks? We’d totally fuck Dozol and eat the ass of their furry friend. Plus, below his bush Stipe’s probably packing a thick M60 with lots of bang! Just imagine the show these firecrackers could put on—KA-POW!!
The pics look very much like Stipe and his boy. But ohnotheydidn’t (who gave us a heads up on this story) isn’t so sure:

Would you publicize that you had a 3-way if you were famous? What about admitting that you cruise a sleazy website like GuysWithiPhones?

First off, if we were famous, sure. Why not? R.E.M.’s already a globe-stomping band, it’s not like a couple of dumb iPhone pics are gonna bring Stipe and his sensitive songsmiths to their knees. And secondly, about ohnotheydidn’t calling GuysWithiPhones “a sleazy website”… if it’s so “sleazy” what were you doing on there?
Thanks also to The Selby for the apartment pics.

Jul 12, 2009 By paperbagwriter 10 Comments