Ask QC: I’m In A Twincestual Relationship!

Ask QC: I'm In A Twincestual Relationship!
We know that we already ran an Ask QC this week, but in light of all the recent twin hijinks, we simply had to post this recent letter from our inbox:

I am an identical twin. I have been having some form or sex with my twin brother since before kindergarden. We grew up in Southern California and shared the same room growing up even though we have no other siblings and there was another bedroom that was used as a spare room. Our parents understood that we wanted to be together and were totally okay with that. Even when we were in third grade and the school felt it was better for my brother and I not to be in the same class, my parents eventually understood that we were going to be together no matter what anyone else wanted.

My parents went to our school and talked to the principal to let us be in the same class. We refused to go to school if we weren’t in the same class. Even when my mother brought us to school and made us sit in our seperate classrooms we would get up and walk as soon as she left. We would leave our class rooms and hide out in the school gym all day until the school day was over. After two days of this my parents knew that no matter what anyone did, if we were going to go to school we had to be together. It was never an issue again.

The sex started out as innocent fun. I don’t know how we knew, but we knew wew weren’t supposed to let anyone know what we were doing. As we got older the sex also became more adult and by 15 we were finally doing everything you could probably think of and more even though we were dating girls by then. It just seemed natural. Even though we knew we were gay we never put a label on it until we were almost 17. Sex with my brother is never boring. We are able to communicate so easily about what we want to do, what we want to try. Everything is just so natural. We didn’t know sex wasn’t going to be natural like that until we were 17 and started to have sex with other guys. That was the same year that we decided to tell our parents we were gay.

They took it well .We didn’t have to expalin anything to them. We both sat them down and told them that this is how we are and it made sense to them that if one of us were gay the other would be too. The only thing that threw them is that we didn ‘t fall into any stereotype and dated girls from around 13 until 17 and were both really good in sports. They started to suspect when we were seniors in high school that we might be gay since all of a sudden we weren’t dating girls.

We are now 20 years old and go to the same university. Again, this is out of choice. My brother made some better schools than I did but we we wanted to be together. We were going to get an apartment on our own because the school doesn’t let you pick your roommates when you are freshmen but then we talked to the administrator in charge of the dorms and were able to get a room together. That was two years ago.

My brother and I don’t even date anyone else anymore. We have friends and tell everyone we are focused on our studies and not dating. Everything is fine with us but it’s other people that bother us. It eventually became an issue because of some twins who are going to have sex in a movie. Some of our gay friends brought this up and thought it was disgusting. I know that this is incest, but to my brother and I it’s
different than if we were just brothers.

Being a twin is a totally different thing than just being brothers. We don’t really know what we are supposed to do. We don’t know how to keep our secret and just be happy together anymore. We want to grow old together. We talked about it and neither one of us wants to live live apart from the other. We are torn and confused about what to do and what our next step in life should be. I don’t think anyone telling us we shouldn’t be together would influence us. I guess I’m hoping to hear words of support.

Thanks for any help from anyone.

We’ve already know the taboo surrounding real-life twincest couples like Bel Ami’s Peters twins and even the fictional brothers in the Brazilian film From Beginning To End. But our writer seems to be living the fantasy. How can he and his twin take pride in their love without sacrificing honesty? Can they live happily ever after or are they doomed to keep their relationship a secret and forever live a lie? Have any of you ever experienced “forbidden love”? Please share your advice and experiences in the QComments.
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