Leo Giamani Threatens To Sue QC For Posting His QComment

Leo Giamani Threatens To Sue QC For Posting His QComment
In a recent Porn Gossip Roundup we told you about QC’s 2008 Man of the Year asking for financial help in the comments section of his interview. His comment in that post said:

hey this is leo. My career as a porn star is pretty much over. I am not in the best financial situation. Doing porn has made it very difficult for me to enter the financial market I was part of for so long. If there is anyway my fans out there can help me financially, it will greatly be appreciated. thank you

The original QComment contained Leo’s e-mail address, something that our Features Editor recognized from his previous correspondence with Leo. Of course, we couldn’t believe that our Man of the Year had fallen on hard times, so our Features Editor contacted the star to confirm. He e-mailed Leo this message:

The person obviously knows your e-mail address, but I wanted to double-check to see if it’s actually you. Are you OK? Is this an impostor? We haven’t published the comment and aren’t asking to run a feature about it, but if you actually need help, we could do better than soliciting in the comments.

We’re hoping this finds you well,

Within hours, Leo responded to our query:

Hey it is me. I don’t know what good it is going to do but I can’t get work anymore and because of contracts I can’t really work for studios. I am really not ok but what does it matter. Don’t think this will really help but I guess it can’t hurt.

How sad! Our champion sounded so defeated that we wanted to reach out and help him. So after some discussions at QCHQ, our editors decided that it might be helpful to give Leo a chance to speak directly to his fans, so we made him the following offer:

We’re so sorry to hear about your recent difficulties. As I said, I think we can more to help you than giving you space in our comments section. We’d like to do another interview, if you’re open. We’d like to send a member of our team to interview you on-camera and get a clearer picture of your current situation. Our hope is that if we can feature you on our site and show that you’re still willing to work, that it might gain you some reader and studio support. Lots of studios read our site and as QC Man of the Year, lots of readers would respond positively to your plight, we think.

Leo thought it over for two hours and then sent over the following response:

ill let you know. i don’t think it will matter because the way my contracts are set up, im only allowed to film with falcon or randy blue. my contract with randy blue is up, but falcon’s contract is not up until march 2010. Most studios know of this and once word gets out that i am filming falcon is on top of it and lets the studios know. just please post comment. It probably won’t do much good.

We were a little disappointed that we wouldn’t get a chance to help out our handsome hero, but felt hopeful that Falcon might hook him up with some work. Plus, imagine Leo getting worked over by some studs from their stable—hot! Anyway, a little over a month later, Leo decided that his original QComment backfired somewhat and made this request of Team Orange:

hey can you remove my post. it has just led to massive emails that have been very annonying. thank you

On one hand, we don’t normally unpublish reader comments, but we certainly didn’t want a bunch of people harassing Leo, so we made a compromise by removing his e-mail address from his original post. That compromise didn’t sit too well with Leo though. And on Christmas Day, he sent us the following e-mail entitled “legal action pending”:

i have hired an attorney. i aked you nicely to remove the comment i made on your site a month ago. also i did not film recently with cocksure men. you better remove this from your site. i am also requesting any affiliation with leo giamani. i have retained an attorney and if you do not remove the comment i asked, he will be in contact. there are many legal issues on your site invading my privacy. you will hear from my lawyer if you do not compy

We’re not sure how Leo can afford a lawyer during the holiday season, especially if he’s asking for money in our QComments section. But we certainly don’t want any legal trouble from the stud. Of course, if his lawyers look anything like him, then we wouldn’t mind if they came knocking on our back doors. We’d rather settle this in private with Leo, one-on-one like men… with candles and champagne. That’s the sort of out of court settlement that everyone could agree on.

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